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2030-03-12 11:11 pm
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"when i get sad, i stop being sad, and be awesome instead."

Most of my entries are friends-locked because I'm embarrassed by the extent of my dorky-geeky fangirliness, heh. If dorky-geeky fangirliness that embarrasses appeals to you, then go ahead!

Comment and I'll probably add you as a friend straight away. I'm easily swayed like that.
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2012-07-02 05:48 pm

not great, admittedly.

I was going to write a good post about trying to be a More Participative Writer but this looks a good a place to start as any!!

Also I went to Paris and Rome and Florence for ten days in May and it was wonderful!! Do you know that for years I used to say that all I wanted was to go to cities with roads like that? cobblestone, rough around the sides, messily-coloured, etc.; anything that wasn't Singapore's plain and grey and flat concrete, and the memory of being in a place to be able to take this photo is still what's stuck to me the most, over a month from that. I have stories, though - like how the first train I took from the Orly airport at Paris into the city had a man with an accordion get on on the first stop and a woman who sang! and the places we lingered around in because we could because it was just the two of us and no adults (my first time!)! and how I sat in front of a painting in the Louvre and read a book on my phone for 40 minutes! and how I walked around so much I had to move down two notches on my belt to keep my jeans on right and croissant and pizza and gelato and gnocchi museums and the ruins in Rome and head-splitting heat and getting a cold and drinking tea in a 104-year-old café every morning in Rome because it was five minutes away from our hostel!!! I should write that down!!! Yes!

In other news, totally found myself unexpectedly in love with New Girl (I started on episode 15 as it aired and went forward and backward at the same time over the next couple of weeks - super fucking delightful, you guys! great cast and great chemistry and good writing!) and definitely cracked up way more than I thought I would watching Veep (is the general critical consensus really 'funny but soulless'? - ok?) and loved the shows I've always loved, because we got joy and the triumph of love and friendship on Parks and Cougar Town, and because we got make-outs on Castle. !

Also I don't know what you guys are doing about The Newsroom (wow I should catch up with all of you!!!) but this interview/article is MY FAVOURITE THING IN THE WORLD. IN THE WORLD. LISTEN HERE, INTERNET GIRL!!! :D :D

Talk to me! I'm going to go to your entries and talk to you!
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2011-10-21 11:41 pm

"what kind of a name is STOVE?"

Right, okay. Rundown of some things that gave me serious feelings in the last two months. We should talk about them at length in the comments!!

  1. Captain America )

  2. Bridesmaids )

  3. Castle - this one gets out of hand )

There was going to be Parks and Recreation feelings but that’s probably better for another post, this one is too long as it is!

However, TV I am watching this season - Parks and Recreation, Castle. The Good Wife, Happy Endings. The Office (but why. damn it, self), Downton Abbey. Up All Night, Suburgatory, Pan Am, Prime Suspect. Fell hard for the main ‘ship in Free Agents, but it was cancelled and everything sucks!

I don’t know where I’m getting the time for all this, other than all that travelling I’m doing to and from classes, but wow, Rachna.

I think I shall watch Thor soon. and catch up with Fringe, but I’m worried I’ll love the show too much without Peter, yikes.

-- rachu
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2011-10-03 10:01 pm
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"full disclosure, i didn't listen to what you just said."

I’m in university! Or school! Or college! I don’t know what to call it, but I like it! It’s been seven weeks of classes so far, with three weeks before that of briefings and camps and talks and all, and so far it’s been - cool. I don’t have friends I’d hang out with before or after class, but I do have friends, and friends whose company I enjoy a lot, and I don’t feel lonely, so that’s nice. I’ve been taking only introductory or foundation classes, which means two of them are pretty lame and the introductory courses to psychology and political science have been the only ones I’ve been enjoying so far, but that means I am enjoying classes, which is a good thing! I want to do a course on something I’d actually be interested in, but that will have to wait, so I’ll deal. We have a nutty number of projects and apparently it gets worse by the week, let alone by the year, but it getting worse by the week means it’s an uphill curve, so at least it’s something I can gradually deal with or get better at dealing with.

In an attempt to try new things I signed up for both a guitar class and for radio training, the latter of which may possibly lead to an hour of hosting on the campus radio. and that doesn’t have a lot of listeners (try early double-digits) but it’s cool! I’m waiting for something to do for the school newspaper or at least a chance to meet everyone else on it, but there haven’t been any real meetings yet, woe.

Basically everything is manageable and bearable and some things are fun! And it’s tiring but it’s so nice having something to do, properly. I feel calm and collected and good about things and good about myself, which are all great, and if I’d stop being this lazy things will probably only get better or easier, so I should probably work on that.

In the mean time, I have watched and loved a handful of things, and anyone who’s stepped by my tumblr more than once has probably seen the extremely overemotional reactions I’ve been having to everything, and I should make a post about all of those things. Just because. It’s recess week right now, after all, and I need to catch up on everything!

I’ll hang around LJ a little more this week, so watch out~, suddenly someone you’ve forgotten about completely is going to drop a comment out of nowhere on an entry soon, woooo!!!

-- rachu

ETA: So Mindy Kaling was like, "Hey, I heard you're looking for more reasons to love me?" and I said, "no, you are my life hero and one of my favourite human beings and the recent excerpts about romances in movies from your upcoming book gave me enough to hold you off for another bazillion years" and she said, "THAT'S OKAY, HERE IS MY NEW WEBSITE!" now I'm just sad that I'll never be her best friend.
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2011-07-20 12:54 am
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it is the one thing we must always be

I haven't spoken here at all about how much I'm looking forward to Brave, which is ridiculous, because there have been at least five separate instances in the last month where I've zoned out completely for over an hour and looked up only things related to this movie, gathering things to feel ridiculously excited about. And I am. I'm ridiculously excited about this movie. I get giddy thinking about the fact that it exists. I've seen people writing it off for its trailer alone, and I think that's ridiculous, because the teaser is gorgeous, I think.

a list of mini-realisations i've had about this movie )

So clearly I am excited. I am really, really excited. My tag on Tumblr for this movie's become "#lol a year", because I cannot believe I need to wait that long - longer, probably, because Singapore is a pain about releasing movies with the rest of the world.

I need to get back to college so I have something to do. Finding out most of this was some of the most fun I've had in the last three months.

-- rachu
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2011-07-18 01:18 am

my boy.

I just recently realised how long it's been since I sat down and wrote about something at length, which is shameful, because I'm going back to school in almost exactly a month, and also because I think I'd like to write more professionally, too, eventually. So!:

harry potter 7B / harry potter feelings in general )

And I am a sap, because I think of me in 1998, having loved lots of things, but never having loved things, never wanting to be somewhere else, and finding this and this world and these people, and growing up with them, and the experience of that was wonderful. This fandom was gross but some of these people are so much my people, because this 'verse was my 'verse, and I'm glad to have known it.

That is my excuse for how much of my heart felt like it'd been chipped away every time I watched a brick fall off the castle.

-- rachu
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2011-06-09 05:04 pm

(no subject)

I'm going to India from the 9th to the 25th! You won't miss me, but. I've got a bunch of things ready to watch and I'm pretty psyched (Breaking Bad and the first two seasons of The X-Files and a bunch of movies, hooray!), and there's going to be a wedding (!).

See you guys soon!

-- Rachna
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2011-05-13 11:21 pm

"ba ba booey."


The main office at work mostly mutes sound from outside and from the inside, but at the end of the second episodes of Parks and Recreation I made a noise that made someone walking by outside turn around and glance through the window in concern. Shook a little with joy, I think. Grabbed at my face and maybe sobbed melodramatically. Because that was the first time something like that killed me with flaily, 'shippy joy to the extent that Casino Night did, and the fact that it had been followed by an already ridiculously wonderful scene between Andy and April? Forty minutes of this show at once apparently have the ability to turn me into a mindless teen.

I also cackled a lot and cackled at the same things during even the rewatches (all the rewatches. we shouldn't talk about how many times I've rewatched both episodes.) and cackled again when rewatching the episodes together with [livejournal.com profile] zombie_boogie, and. you know. my heart has collapsed a little from all that reason to feel joy. all that reason to love. which is just. Oh, show. This is sappy, but thank you for encouraging love.

Better thoughts in a better post, someday soon (if I can gather the words).

-- rachu

P.S.: On a semi-related note, has indifference stopped being cool yet? Scoffing at enthusiasm genuinely makes me angry and I need that to go away. Our system has been plagued by it long enough. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LOVING THINGS AND TALKING ABOUT THEM.

P.P.S.: More of you should be watching Happy Endings, OK?
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2011-05-02 02:14 am

"i guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies."

Parks and Recreation - Jerry's Painting feelings. I don't know what I'm doing with myself. This is long and there are no pretty picspam accompaniments. I'M SORRY.

every time i look at it i think to myself, 'wow. what can't that centaur woman do?' )

Basically, lalalala, I love this show so much.

-- rachu
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2011-04-29 02:29 am

i would post that 'take your daughter to work day' quote but i'm not cruel.

Hey guys, around eight hours after The Office airs, you may hear a (probably wailed) "NOOOOOOOOO!!" or 'WHYYYYYYYYY?!" piercing across the world. I am ready for the tears. I am ready to feel the need to ramble incoherently about how lonely he used to be and how difficult he found it to find someone who got him and liked him as he was. I am ready to cry during Michael-Pam scenes and Michael-Jim scenes and Michael-Dwight scenes.

I am also really not prepared.

I know I'm being irrational and overemotional but it's not my fault. I've talked about my attachment to this show. I've talked about it repeatedly. And now I hate everything. This entry is just a warning.

-- rachu

P.S.: Happy Endings is delightful in a frustrating kind of way - why am I enjoying this?! I don't understand! but you're making me cackle, show!!

P.P.S.: I haven't fallen for a book about love~ as hard as I fell for Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie in years. in years. The characters are charming and interesting and not-stereotypical, and the story and all the relationships keep going in different directions, and it moves quickly. The central conceit of the main 'ship barely lasts, and the main 'ship is ridiculously 'shippable - they're not "all wrong for each other, so why does he feel so right?!", there aren't lame "big secrets", and they're smart and sweet and charming and charmed, and they're normal and they like eating food and hanging out with their friends, who are also awesome. I loved it.
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2011-04-25 02:28 am

i need to change my icons up a bit. (i still have a 'community' one, whaaat.)

Very quick feelings about Doctor Who's Series 6 premiere - and it's actually quick!! because I'm very sleepy. )

Have I ever mentioned that the only song sung by Kurt Hummel on Glee that I've really enjoyed is 4 Minutes? Probably not, because it's ridiculous of me. And Glee is the worst. (Look, Glee music is important for my guilty-pleasure/shower music.)

-- rachu
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2011-04-23 09:28 pm


"no opinion. they are condescending."
  1. Random things about Soulmates that I loved: god this is long )

  2. The Office was fantastic. quick feelings ) Next week. :/

  3. Community was surprisingly funny, I think. I like being able to like this show! I don’t think they sustained it, but the first ten minutes were brilliant, and overall I think they handled the clip-show concept really well. Also: called Jeff/Britta after the Halloween episode. Also: the little bits of the adventures they've had off-screen were maybe my favourite moments of this show ever - glee club! ghost cowboy town! glee club!

    I’m disappointed with 30 Rock. This show really doesn’t work in the one-hour format, and it felt more like an extended “remember this old character? remember this joke? sometimes Liz makes up words!” callback episode than it should have - and at the same time, somehow, it felt too rushed? How does that even work? Jenna’s storyline was all over the place. The episode itself was fine, and definitely better than most of S4, but still.

  4. Have I mentioned that Cougar Town is my second-favourite comedy on TV right now? I think it balances humour and emotion a lot better than Scrubs used to, and I think the ensemble is fantastic, etc., but really I just wanted to say how much I love the women on this show. On paper and at first glance these ladies are all pretty stereotypical ladies - the shrill high-maintenance mother-type, the sharp, cool, mean and sly type, the young, ditzy, easily-emotional type - but I really love how fully-fleshed out they all are, and how much they own themselves. They are strong and independent and aren’t one-sided at all - and I love how much they love and support one another, because fictional ladies being nice to one another is ridiculously rare and this makes me happy. This paragraph of love was prompted by Laurie’s Walk of Awesome in the second episode this week - own it, girl.

  5. Doctor Who’s finally back!!! !!!! !! This show airs right in the middle of when I’m asleep, so when I’ll watch it depends on how early I wake up for it, but you guys, I’m fucking psyched. New Matt Smith Faces! River Song! Amy Pond! Rory Williams. (I love the guy, but I’m hoping the sixth series does enough for his character than my ‘.’ turns to an exclamation point. I’m waiting for it, show.)

-- rachu
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2011-04-16 12:47 am

"so i want to spend the rest of my life with you. is that cool?"

post-'fancy party' feelings, because i need to get back into posting here )

I haven't watched anything else from the Thursday comedies yet, but since everything will be compared to Parks and Recreation, it's probably better for them.

Other things I watched that I should really talk about:
  • Shameless (US) - which is lively and brilliant. I don't know how this show captured my heart so quickly, but within minutes of the Gallaghers settling into that practised morning routine, I was hooked. (I think I've loved stories like this since I read the Boxcar Children series.) I love their bravado and how much they throw themselves into both surviving and letting their siblings survive. and Steve should go away. also, this cast is really brilliant. I love them all.

  • Luther - this show isn't just intense, it's fucking insane. I don't have other words.

  • The Good Wife and Castle are my favourite dramas on TV right now. I love Parks and Recreation and miss Cougar Town terribly. I haven't watched Modern Family lately, but I'm a little cranky with it.

  • I started Rome and it's magnificent - beautiful and crazy and bloody and classy and genius. I will talk about it more the further I get into it, because I just finished the fifth episode.

My internship is going brilliantly, and my boss agrees - to the extent that he's left me in-charge of the local office while he goes off overseas for a working holiday. in-charge. Everyone's incredulous that he'd left a nineteen-year-old in charge of everything, but all I'm doing on top of clearing my regular task lists is checking the mail and sending off packages of book orders and checking everyday that the office isn't broken into. heh.

I don't know why I left you guys, I'm sorry. I promise I'll stay; LJ is still the best.

-- rachu

P.S.: Eight days to new Doctor Who. Eight days to Matt Smith and his glorious face!
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2011-03-15 12:28 am

"i'm fart and smunny and i'm a prize."

  1. Damn it, guys. My last entry is kind of both silly and extremely inadequate - basically I screwed up kind of major exams. A part of me acknowledges that I am far more intelligent than these results have proven me to be, but I know I’ve disappointed people and shocked people and these results may possibly define what I choose within the next few months, and that’s what has me this upset. Exams are just exams, though, and I will keep doing things and being things beyond that piece of paper - I just have to find the confidence in my own abilities again to get back on track.

  2. And as long as we’re talking about things that bum me out, going this long without Parks and Recreation is actually hurting my soul a bit, and that’s not even an exaggeration. I need this show’s joy back in my life. I need Leslie. I need Leslie with every other character on this show. I need Leslie/Ben. ugh. Coming home on Friday the week before the last bawling and not having this show to focus my attention on only made my mood worse. I have been intolerable company in the last week or so, I know it.

  3. I’ve had a Parks and Recreation-specific post saved in my Google Docs for a few days now and I hope to post that extremely wordy thing before Harvest Festival (!!!!!) airs, but can I just say, very quickly - all of you must know, surely, that my adoration for Parks = adoration for every single thing on this show, but just thinking about Leslie/Ben right now is making me get excited - they’re sweet and simple, yes, but there’s also so much potential there, and I adore that how fleshed out these characters are (especially Ben, which is a pretty major feat considering he’s been on the show for eight episodes) only contributes to how easily you can envision the ways they will fit together and influence each other and the things they can do or become? It’s sappy, I know, I know, but they’ve owned my heart so effortlessly. And this is before both of them even start interacting like that! - all we’ve had so far are little slip-ups and looks of adorations when the other’s not looking!! AH. And fuck, watching Ben fall in love with Pawnee is going to be glorious. This show. These characters. I can flail very intelligently about this show, but all this paragraph is is mindless.

  4. I have been a publishing intern for three weeks now! So far it’s been kind of awesome - the company’s so tiny that I get to be involved in so many steps of the process: editing, proofreading, layouts, design, getting files ready for e-book conversions. I got to communicate frequently with an author to talk through the final stages of the editing of his book, and I got to write to the National Library Board, and I talked to my boss a lot about how to publicise two of the books we’re releasing in the next couple of weeks. It may sound lame, but it’s exciting, guys!

  5. And the last couple of weeks have been very layout-work heavy because we’re getting ready to send off a batch of e-books for conversion and then release, so what I’ve been doing is converting a bunch of episodes of shows I’ve wanted to watch, dropped it into my iPod, and paid half-attention to both my work and my TV. I’ve watched so much TV in the last two weeks, you guys. So much TV. I finished Greek (all four season) in eleven days and absolutely adored it - it deserves a lengthier post than I have the patience for right now. I hadn’t watched more than the first episode of S2 of The Good Wife until last week, and now I’m all caught up on that, too. And now I’ve started on White Collar!! Exciting.

  6. The Good Wife feelings behind the cut -  )

    Some day I will talk about other things I love about this show, including the way morality is written in it - [livejournal.com profile] uptheapples and I will have plenty to say! morality on this show is another thing that’s intriguing and beautifully-written in this show - and the way Cary Agos should be a one-note, predictable character, but is far from it, but for now, because it’s late and I have been typing furiously for the last half-hour, I will stop here.

My wrists hurt. I’m going to continue reading A Game of Thrones (I’m over halfway through, and Jon Snow is looking like he’s my favourite).

-- rachu
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2011-03-04 04:57 pm
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These are the things you learn to get over.
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2011-01-21 05:35 pm

"You guys are the best, most important people

in the most important government in the best city in the world."
"Suck it, Paris, France!"

So what happened was that the day before yesterday I decided people were talking about Parks and Recreation, but not about the specific parts of it that I adore it for, so I made it a list and posted it on Tumblr. Not only was it a hit, but I've already seen people pointing at it to get others to give it a try, which is wonderful. And I'm going to repost here now, so non-Tumblr users see it, too.

Top Five Reasons You Should be Watching 'Parks and Recreation' )

P.S.: How is it that I built up this show to ridiculous amounts over the long break and had it hit every note in the premiere anyway? More feelings and a better post later, but for now - so glad this show is back.
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2010-12-18 01:16 am

this entry would be capslock-ier but i flailed all over this on tumblr.


Everything about this made my night so I'm going to just post this here:

GOD. I cannot wait - CANNOT WAIT - to have a series of these three together. I adore TARDIS OT3s, and the fact that these people are going to be the OT3? These adorable, dorky, perfect people? I cannot deal with how happy this makes me. PLEASE STAY LIKE THIS FOREVER. PLEASE.

And OK, I am tearing up a little bit, because I love joy. and I love Christmas songs. and I love mad, happy, drunken singing. And I am smiling stupidly. Matt, Arthur, and Karen - please stay.

-- rachu
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2010-12-15 02:23 am

i should catch up on 'chuck', damn it, what is this list.

  1. In case you missed it: request a gift! If not for you, then definitely for me - I'm getting excited at the thought of doing these.

  2. I'm also offering letters (!), except now I don't know what to write in them! "Hi, I watched this movie today and it was terrible. I don't know if you're interested in that though. I went to the library and got a lot of books. Yesterday I went shopping!" (Note: I will not say that, I'm just showing you how awkward I am.)

  3. I hope you guys have posted your threads at the Holiday Love Meme, because it's ridiculously fun and flattering. I'm beginning to realise I have 'tells', which I don't want to specify because it's embarrassing. I did try very hard to keep away from the parentheses, though. I overuse them.

  4. My thread is wonderful. I LOVE YOU ALL and you make me sappy.

  5. I don't actually care for the Golden Globes because they're mostly rubbish (the fact that shows like United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie are nominated for comedies is outrageous, and combining the supporting actor category makes no sense to me), but throwing in nominations for The Tourist and Burlesque made me think less of everything else on that list, so well done, HFPA. You are the worst. I'm actually declining to talk about you, and considering I can blabber about pretty much anything, that actually means something!

    (Although I want to quickly address one tiny thing, because not enough people will talk about how egregious this is: Piper Perabo over Anna Torv?! Are you kidding me? I know that every academy has something against genre TV, but I do not understand. Did they run out of people to nominate or something?)

  6. The Vampire Diaries is impressive - I'm constantly surprised by the control the writers have over the stories and characters, how plots affect the way other plots unfold, and the way every character is well-rounded, interesting, and has a purpose in the show's narrative. I feel bad for 'shipping any two characters that have a scene together, because I feel like I may be approaching the show the wrong way. Oops?

  7. Movies I need to see - maybe if i tell more people about this i'll stick to it )

    In other news, I tried to watch The Hangover and could not stand it. I am fine with dumb comedy, and everyone loves this movie, so clearly there was something wrong with me or my mood.

  8. Also, I am still extremely excited about Rian Johnson's movie, whenever it will happen. Two years ago I ripped just the audio from a couple of movies because I loved the dialogue and wanted to see how much of the visuals I remembered, and I may do it again the next time I go overseas, except I'm not sure what I'd choose. Brick, with its own lexicon and the precise but rapid delivery of its actors, came to mind, except I'd feel bad to experience the movie without its gorgeous visuals.

  9. I want to watch The King's Speech, except it has no release date here in Singapore, and I promise you I will whine about this as often as I whine about it out loud, to my family and friends. Ha! 127 Hours is out on my birthday next January, though, which is exciting.
-- rachu
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2010-12-12 12:57 am
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creating gifts!

I would give you all holiday cards, but a) even if I sent off something tomorrow, you'd only get it mid-January or so, which is ridiculous, and b) there's nothing unique enough about anything I could send from Singapore that would make the card, let alone the wait, worthwhile.

I do, however, have a lot of time to kill, so: request anything! I will definitely write you fic, if you want, on any fandom of your choice (e.g. I am having major 'shippy feelings about Tangled right now). I'm good for any kind of graphic (banners, icons), picspams, specific photo requests. Give me something you want me to watch and write about (TV or movies), maybe, or ask me for recommendations of anything I think you may like (music, movies, books).

Or if all you want is a letter, because snail mail is still cool and it's kind of awesome to be able to check your postbox and find a letter (!), leave your address here and I'll send you something just for the hell of it. (If you want, leave your e-mail address so I can contact you more privately for your actual address.)

Screening the comments on this post. Go crazy! I'd love to give all you brilliant people something.