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Birthdate:Jan 6

"Last night on Trading Spouses there's...did you see it?"
"No, I have a life."
"Interesting, what's that like?"
"You should try it some time."
"Wow. But then who would watch my TV?"

I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies.



. indian
. student
. singapore
. writes a lot (loves lists)
. tv / movie geek


30 rock, arrested development, being human, better off ted, castle, chuck, community, dead like me, DISNEY, doctor who (2005 - 2010), fawlty towers, fringe, friends, firefly, greek, how i met your mother, leverage, merlin, parks and recreation, party down, psych, pushing daisies, saturday night live, scrubs, sherlock, spaced, sports night, the daily show, the good wife, the office (uk), the office (us), the west wing, warehouse 13.

to watch: boardwalk empire, breaking bad, buffy the vampire slayer, coupling, dollhouse, it's always sunny in philadelphia, louis, mad men, six feet under, sons of anarchy, the vampire diaries.


10 things i hate about you, amelie, an education, brick, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, clueless, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, fargo, ferris bueller's day off, his girl friday, high fidelity, hot fuzz, how to train your dragon, indiana jones trilogy, shaun of the dead, stranger than fiction, strictly ballroom, the princess bride, the shop around the corner, that thing you do!, toy story trilogy, wall-e, you've got mail.



cat power, deb talan, ella fitzgerald, feist, florence + the machine, frank sinatra, frightened rabbit, imogen heap, ingrid michaelson, janelle monae, jason mraz, john mayer, kelly clarkson, laura marling, lydia, mandy moore, mumford & sons, nickel creek, regina spektor, simon and garfunkel, sara bareilles, stars, the beatles, the decemberists, the mountain goats, the noisettes, the shins, the weepies.


steve carell, tina fey, joseph gordon-levitt, cary grant, jon hamm, john krasinski, carey mulligan, simon pegg, amy poehler, matt smith, jon stewart, meryl streep, edgar wright.

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