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Yes, I'm very busy and important, I just want to say -

NBC just ordered a full season of Outsourced, which means it's not ending in six episodes, which means the slot that we were hoping Parks and Recreation would take in January is full.

NBC, what is your problem. Why did you order a full season of Outsourced. Have you seen any critics liking that show. Why did you order a full season of Parks and Recreation and then not bring it back. Have you seen any critics not liking that show?! I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND YOU RIGHT NOW AND I WANT TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE. NBC, I WANT TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.

I'm sorry, I'm just really annoyed that the show with my favourite 2009-2010 TV season, which already has seven episodes ready to air, which has people working at NBC and not with the show itself saying S3 is even better than S2, which has writers who have clearly outlined the purposes and ideas behind every storyline and character, which ended the season with genuinely interesting new characters that I want to watch exploring and affecting and being affected by the characters on the show, which is warm and funny and fantastically well-constructed, which has a brilliant/interesting/diverse cast, which is five hundred billion times better than Outsourced, IS NOT COMING BACK. I dealt with it for five months, NBC. I can deal with it until January. I will not stand it any longer. After November, I will have the time to drop everything, take a flight to your offices, and burn them to the ground. (First I will steal all the recorded film from S3, of course. Obviously.)

Oh, guys. Last weekend I ordered the S2 DVD online. I don't order shows on DVD a lot - I have maybe four altogether (which is actually kind of terrible for the amount of TV I watch). Do you realise this is a big deal?

This is maybe a lot of rage directed towards something of disproportionate importance, but I've been studying a lot and mathematical equations are equating themselves to facts about Cold War history right now and the internet is getting annoying and Fringe isn't back until November and I DON'T KNOW WHEN MY FAVOURITE SHOW IS COMING BACK, IF IT'S COMING BACK AT ALL.

There was a sentence here somewhere containing the words "teetering", "melodrama", and "really fucking wrong", but I can't remember what it was, and I think I may have accidentally deleted it. Oops. It's probably for the best; I start using unnecessarily long words (e.g. "disproportionate importance", what does that even mean) when I get angry.


In other news, today, one of my friends and I dissected everything that's disturbing and wrong and offensive about Twilight to a friend who genuinely wanted to know. We did this instead of studying for an economics test this afternoon. It was time well-spent.

TV for the next few weeks are as follows: Castle, Cougar Town and/or Modern Family, and Fringe. This is a big improvement.

-- rachu

ETA: Stephen Fry on Language, in kinetic typography. I love this. I love words!

ETA again: To be honest and completely rational, I get why NBC is doing what it's doing. And my problem with Outsourced isn't entirely its handling of racial issues, because they do make an effort to make ignorance not mean, but with good intention. I just don't find it funny. (And I'm feeling irrational now, deal with it.)
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