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Very quick feelings about Doctor Who's Series 6 premiere - and it's actually quick!! because I'm very sleepy. )

Have I ever mentioned that the only song sung by Kurt Hummel on Glee that I've really enjoyed is 4 Minutes? Probably not, because it's ridiculous of me. And Glee is the worst. (Look, Glee music is important for my guilty-pleasure/shower music.)

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Apr. 23rd, 2011 09:28 pm
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"no opinion. they are condescending."
  1. Random things about Soulmates that I loved: god this is long )

  2. The Office was fantastic. quick feelings ) Next week. :/

  3. Community was surprisingly funny, I think. I like being able to like this show! I don’t think they sustained it, but the first ten minutes were brilliant, and overall I think they handled the clip-show concept really well. Also: called Jeff/Britta after the Halloween episode. Also: the little bits of the adventures they've had off-screen were maybe my favourite moments of this show ever - glee club! ghost cowboy town! glee club!

    I’m disappointed with 30 Rock. This show really doesn’t work in the one-hour format, and it felt more like an extended “remember this old character? remember this joke? sometimes Liz makes up words!” callback episode than it should have - and at the same time, somehow, it felt too rushed? How does that even work? Jenna’s storyline was all over the place. The episode itself was fine, and definitely better than most of S4, but still.

  4. Have I mentioned that Cougar Town is my second-favourite comedy on TV right now? I think it balances humour and emotion a lot better than Scrubs used to, and I think the ensemble is fantastic, etc., but really I just wanted to say how much I love the women on this show. On paper and at first glance these ladies are all pretty stereotypical ladies - the shrill high-maintenance mother-type, the sharp, cool, mean and sly type, the young, ditzy, easily-emotional type - but I really love how fully-fleshed out they all are, and how much they own themselves. They are strong and independent and aren’t one-sided at all - and I love how much they love and support one another, because fictional ladies being nice to one another is ridiculously rare and this makes me happy. This paragraph of love was prompted by Laurie’s Walk of Awesome in the second episode this week - own it, girl.

  5. Doctor Who’s finally back!!! !!!! !! This show airs right in the middle of when I’m asleep, so when I’ll watch it depends on how early I wake up for it, but you guys, I’m fucking psyched. New Matt Smith Faces! River Song! Amy Pond! Rory Williams. (I love the guy, but I’m hoping the sixth series does enough for his character than my ‘.’ turns to an exclamation point. I’m waiting for it, show.)

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Everything about this made my night so I'm going to just post this here:

GOD. I cannot wait - CANNOT WAIT - to have a series of these three together. I adore TARDIS OT3s, and the fact that these people are going to be the OT3? These adorable, dorky, perfect people? I cannot deal with how happy this makes me. PLEASE STAY LIKE THIS FOREVER. PLEASE.

And OK, I am tearing up a little bit, because I love joy. and I love Christmas songs. and I love mad, happy, drunken singing. And I am smiling stupidly. Matt, Arthur, and Karen - please stay.

-- rachu
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  1. I shall keep using the occasional TV-related ramble as my distraction from studying - I've spent hours on history today and it's getting annoying.

  2. I didn't watch How I Met Your Mother this week, though I heard it was good, and I haven't watched Chuck since the second episode, though I've heard the last two episodes were good, but I did watch Castle, and I want to talk about that because damn, was that fantastic TV or what?

    i'll just break it down -  )

    I don't know if you guys can tell, but I'm just a little smitten with this episode. I always talk about how much I love this show but I'm never able to break it down to specifics, so I'm glad I did this this time. Can more people watch Castle (this week's episode specifically) and see how well crime procedurals can be written/acted? I don't need brilliant, groundbreaking genius - Castle is familiar, but it's good, and it's smart, and I love it for that.

  3. I know everyone knows this already, but Mark Sheppard's continual appearances on sci-fi/action-adventure series being immortalised by his involvement in Doctor Who is just delightful. Bring it on, sir.

  4. Oh, I watched The Death of the Doctor (Sarah Jane Adventures) while eating lunch today because I love Eleven and I want to see Matt Smith being Eleven forever and ever and I missed him, and it was cute. I think SJA looks like it's more decently-written than most of RTD's work on Who, does that even make sense? I liked the vibes I got from the show, in the little that I've watched of it. I still think the title is ridiculous and terrible and overblown, but I do like RTD's penchant for melodrama and nostalgia in smaller doses (it appeals to the sappier side of me), and I think all the actors managed to tamp it down before it got out of hand, which David Tennant didn't always manage. (I think I've figured out the flaw of Ten's final episodes - RTD and DT were too simultaneously in awe of each other.)

  5. I'm already getting pissy about James Cameron confirming two Avatar sequels, and they don't even look like they'll be released for years. ARE YOU FOR REAL, BOY?! Someone on Twitter or Tumblr once named Cameron the Ryan Murphy of cinema (or the other way around?) and I kind of get it. And it makes me want to punch him in the face.
There were other things I wanted to say but I've mostly completely forgotten. I miss Parks and Recreation.

-- rachu
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Day #8 - A show everyone should watch

Chuck and Doctor Who )

Speaking of Doctor Who, by the way - remember Matt Smith?! :D I'm sorry, I just listened to the Doctor Who episode on the Meet the Filmmakers podcast this afternoon, and Matt sounds so happy about everyone constantly cheering and applauding at things, and every time they woo! he woo!s right back at them, all excited and everything. At the point of that recording, the series hadn't premiered yet, but even by that time the crowd loved him enough to yell, "Stay!" ♥ Matt, Matt, Matt. I just adore you.

(Have we talked about how wonderful he is with that kid at the Who Proms this year? He is so delightful, you guys!! MONOLOGUING IN CHARACTER! LIVE! WITH A LITTLE KID! YOU ARE PERFECT.) (I am truly, fully considering the idea that Eleven/Matt may be my favourite Doctor, now?)

In other news, studying is hard, and boring.

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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Oh my god, [livejournal.com profile] falulatonks is going to talk about how bad a Glee episode is again. Right? WRONG.

dream on )

I really liked Doctor Who this week, but I just really want to say for the billionth time how much watching Matt Smith has being my central delight of every episode. It's not even Eleven, it's Matt Smith, acting and reacting to things and people around him, being crazy and just-enough-alien and ancient. It thrills me to watch what he does and chooses to do on a weekly basis, because I love experiencing every scene with him. He's just fantastic.

One day I'll update about "real life", whatever that is. But I'm sick! The doctor told me my throat looks terrible, all inflamed and torn or something. I've been banned from junk food for a few weeks. :/

-- rachu
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And now TV - I wanted to do all of these in more detail, but I ended up not being able to be in the mood (if that makes any sense), so - Glee in detail, and for all the rest, one thing I wanted to point out and talk about a little.
  1. Glee - laryngitis )

  2. I think Community is the best thing on TV right now. I never am able to get into detail about this show, I really don't know how to. Last week, though, I ended Modern Warfare and wanted to scream/cry/rant because of how perfect it is - it's so inventive and interesting and crazy, but hilarious, sweet, and always heeding character. In twenty episodes that are nearly always set in a mildly surreal kind of universe, they've created sweet and realistic characters, given all of them good screen-time, allowed all of them great character development, and given them believable relationships with each other. Other shows should be paying attention.

  3. the office, parks and recreation, 30 rock )

  4. Doctor Who was fun and entertaining like Who should be. a little bit more on 'vampires of venice' )

  5. Chuck, you are a billion times more delightful when you keep away from the dumb angst.

  6. Non-TV things -
  7. I have some very clear ideas about what I want to do, study-wise, but the difficulty is in finding the best way to get to that thing. It's kind of exhausting. Education in general is being very tiresome. This is the main reason I'm writing so much more these days.

  8. The original Spring Awakening cast sang Touch Me live a few years back, and I only just found it online. Only a couple of songs from this musical has managed to get to me (I've forgotten most of the rest), and Touch Me is the kind of song where I like the main tune but don't like the arrangement, performance, or dialogue interruptions in the official recording. This live performance is perfect. No dialogue, just brilliant harmonising of around 15 people on-stage together, singing something that's kind of gorgeous and it makes me a little teary. I've listened to it more times than I'm comfortable with telling you all!

  9. The Adjustment Bureau trailer, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I wasn't interested before, but now I'm psyched. Science-fiction romance with great consequences!!! It has Anthony Mackie in it, too, who you may remember better as the man criminally robbed of a Supporting Actor nomination for how brilliant he was in The Hurt Locker.

  10. BUT INCEPTION OH MY GOD. Damn it, Nolans. How is it that even knowing next to nothing about this movie I want to watch it right now?! It can't just be the stellar cast.

  11. There was an article in Newsweek last week about gay actors. Kristin Chenoweth responded to it, Ryan Murphy responded to it, and now Aaron Sorkin's responded to it. I have nothing to say about it, other than the fact that it's all interesting, but Sorkin's was so well-expressed that I feel like watching The West Wing right now.

  12. There a couple of photos of John Krasinski being carefree and adorable online over here. The ones of him and Emily are my favourites, because this one (rather than the one of them kissing, though this one helped) makes them look really relaxed and happy with each other, and that made me 'ship them more than anything ever. :P
This is a really long post. I'm sorry.

-- rachu
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  1. I don't know, I feel like I mention this a lot, but never in much detail - Shaun of the Dead is one of my five favourite movies of all time, and it's for the same reasons I watch one Spaced episode every couple of weeks or that I would recommend Hot Fuzz to anyone and go to watch it with them - they are intelligent, hilarious, written with genuine heart, and most of all, all of that is achieved naturally. a bit more rambling )

    When I say I want to take up screenwriting or writing for TV, I'm pretty much motivated by this bunch of people. I have promised myself I will write a chick flick that has relatable, down-to-earth characters of both sexes! with obstacles that everyone faces! with well-written friendships! The characters will push the story forward! It will star Simon Pegg, so that the lead can make people laugh and cry at the same time! and! And! I will make it very, very bloody!

    I've realised I still haven't been very good about pinning down my reasons for loving these, and I know it's completely subjective. Still. There you go, I guess.

  2. I tried Black Books last week, cracked up a lot, frequently, but it's missing the female-writer voice that Spaced got from Jessica Hynes, I think? It got better by the end of the first series, though. I'm looking forward to seeing the second one as I try to survive this abominable cold.

  3. I am very, very sick, with a runny nose like I've never had before. I've literally used up three packets of tissues in the last day, and I feel so bad for it (SORRY TREES) but kajsdaksd my throat! my nose! my eyes! my faaaceee. I also have cramps and it's kind of ridiculous how sorry for myself I'm feeling right now.

  4. I wish I'd left my Office and Community watching for when I actually got sick, because when I watched them I was fine and laughed my butt off. The Office (written by Mindy, directed by Steve!) was surprisingly good, I think - not highest quality, of course, but funny and sweet and all that. Andy/Erin was cute! Erin was funny! Jim/Pam was cute!

  5. Community, though...Community is just something else. this show! )

    I just really, really fucking love this show. And the cast. I even cussed for them!

  6. 30 Rock was really only OK this week. I can't wait for Michael Sheen to be back! And I feel like they're building up towards something for the end of the season, and I'm looking forward to that.

  7. I want to mention in passing that Castle is doing a little bit of a "oh, this is a love obstacle in shape of a man for the female lead!" type of thing right now, but instead of pissing me off, I just fell a little more in love with this show. things they did right -  )

    Castle, my friend, you have managed contrivance without being too contrived, therefore neatly side-stepping the great messes that Chuck and Bones and even House turned into at the first sight of a love interest, and for that, I give you my trust. I have read some spoilers I am wincing a little bit about, but you always prove me wrong. Prove me right this time by kicking ass again!

  8. Doctor Who was awesome this week, even with River Song! Eleven is still so, so much fun, and he was better than ever in this episode, all exasperated at River and all "I am gathering my thoughts!"-y with everything else (and his TARDIS noise was very, very good and his rant at the end was very well-done and also, I love him). Amy was good, too, I liked her a lot. And the episode was creepy! There was good story-telling, nice execution, and a great build-up. I'm looking forward to next week, and I know for sure that I won't be disappointed. Thank you, Mr Moffat! This is what I wanted from you!

  9. Hyperbole and a Half is magnificent. A friend told me to read it on Friday, and then I saw it mentioned on [livejournal.com profile] cah215's LJ and then on Tumblr a couple of times, so I think it's recently been spotlighted somewhere? If so, IT'S WITH GOOD REASON. My favourite one so far is The Alot is Better Than You at Everything, which I've subtitled "how to cope with annoying English on the internet". It is so great.

  10. Considering how much time I spend thinking and writing about TV, I'm wondering if I should maybe have a separate blog where I can post only these TV-related things, or something.

  11. Of course, I shouldn't be doing any of this crap at all, because I'm writing my first SAT in six days, I have two research papers due by the end of June, and I have four major subjects that I'd damn well be excelling in by August for my A'levels in November. WHY DO I LIVE LIKE THIS.
Agh my nose.

-- rachu
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Doctor Who premiere!! Very brief, non-spoilery thoughts - behind the cut )

Watch Matt Smith and Karen Gillian be cute here. They impersonate each other!

This new series is going to be gloriously fun. Bring it!

-- rachu


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