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It's kind of been a terrible week. TV was consistently good, though. Let me talk you all through that instead!
  1. how i met your mother )

  2. Castle was sweet, as always; loved the Castle-Martha scenes, and how casually he told Kate his full real name. That kind of ease and understatement in all the relationships is what I love this show for.

  3. Chuck was great. Chuck/Sarah are really hot together, by the way. Also, Parenthood is hit or miss for me, but this week's episode was awesome.

  4. modern family )

  5. Cougar Town was sweet and sad and hilarious, and I love this show so much, you guys. One day I'll make a list of my favourite comedies currently on television, and this would probably be in the top five (only I have no idea how to talk about how much I love it).

  6. the office )

  7. community )

  8. 30 rock (!!!) )

  9. fringe )
This was the absolute best way to spend an hour. Woo! I'm done.

-- rachu

ETA: The winner at the German Oktoberfest's pop&lock competition "gets to annex Poland". I LOVE YOU, COMMUNITY! (/history)
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"uh...the fuckest uppest."

Ugh, you know what, the winner for Day #8's A Show Everyone Should Watch should almost definitely have been either Leverage or Sherlock. Leverage because I told my dad to watch it, and he did, and he absolutely loves it (we're up to the end of S2 here, and I'm telling him he can watch the S3 premiere on my laptop, but he refuses!) - but it's also because I love these characters and their relationships, and how grand and exciting and smart and fun it almost always is. Sherlock for the same reasons, with more love for its intelligence and the fantastic Britishness of the actors, the words they say, the way they say these words, the places they go to - but also because I've also recommended this to my dad, and he's interested.

And now I feel like if I find a TV show that I deem good enough, consistent and fun and well-written enough, to be recommended to my father, everyone should watch it.

Day #9 is Best Scene Ever, which is dumb because I have no idea how the answer to this is supposed to be approached at all. I'm going to push it back to the end of the meme, when hopefully I have more time and a greater idea of what the answer to this should be.

So Day #10 and #11, instead!:

Day #10: A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Spaced )

Day #11: A show that disappointed you

This could be How I Met Your Mother, but it looks like the writers know how to push it back on-track. It could've been 30 Rock, but I'm not disappointed in it so much as I'm losing interest in it (I can't really remember many things that aren't guest-star-related over the last season). It could've been Glee, but I don't think I had high expectations for it, not really - I got annoyed with it, but never disappointed.

Instead I'll go with a show I believed had potential, before it had been wrecked, in my opinion: Bones )

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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a quick ramble about my love for Leslie Knope )


Other TV shows -

  1. 'psych' - love and a rant )

  2. Parenthood is still kind of nice and way better than Life Unexpected, for me. I haven't watched Glmore Girls other than a lot of the more famous clips on YouTube and the pilot, but I have a lot of love for Lauren Graham and how she's playing things right now. The whole family's so interesting, though, which is great! I love the big group scenes.

  3. Chuck was fantastic, though with a fair share of clunky bits. quick details )

  4. castle )

  5. how i met your mother )

  6. the office )

  7. parks and recreation )

  8. community )

  9. modern family )
I think it's been such a great year for comedy in general that I'm excited about Emmy noms this year - I may be too optimistic about this, but I think there'll be new shows and actors in the running, mixing things up, and I hope so much that it happens. If Amy Poehler isn't nominated for Parks this year, I will lose it. Just like Danny Pudi as Abed in Community, because as much as I think everyone in the show is well-cast and spectacular, Abed is special.

I think I got it all.

I've just started Sports Night and I finished all of the first season within the last day. more on the first sorkin project )

As you can see, I'm pretty much having a mess of feelings about SN, because I am enjoying it a lot and am interested enough to keep watching it, back to back to back to back to back, but there are things about it that are annoying me. The overwhelming feeling here is to stop SN and take out TWW again and watch the first two seasons straight through, but I'm probably not going to do that. I'm probably going to finish SN now. And then I'm probably going to watch Black Books, because I have one week to do whatever I want without feeling guilty about it, and that's the most freedom I'm going to have for the next eight months. So.

I'm sorry this entry is so full of TV rubbish. This is my first day of eight days that I have off, and I'm going to spend it wasting my time a little bit, because it's basically the only time I can do this for the next eight months or so.

-- rachu

ETA: Maybe I'll watch Firefly now instead. I feel like watching amazing writing right now.

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Just finished watching The Brothers Bloom - the only thing I've wanted to watch that I actually got to watching this weekend, go figure - and loved it. cut for some rambley joy for film )

I love this! I understand Paper Moon is a fabulous con movie, too? When I get the time for that, I'm watching it. (It's after Coraline and The Thin Man right now.) So glad to have movies. Fandom is generally pissing me off.

The last time I felt about as dorky as I do now, though, is when I came out of Monsters vs Aliens saying the thing I loved best about it was its central, strong female character that made human mistakes but felt good things and had good friends and a good family and always did the right thing, and wasn't that a lovely person to put on-screen for girls to see among the dominant male characters and rather shallow female characters that are pretty much monopolising the kid-targeted entertainment today?

But whatever. Going to bed.

-- rachu

ETA On a note that you guys are much more familiar with: thinking about HIMYM this week has made me realise that Ted Mosby might kind of be made for me, and now I'm worried that everyone I meet thinks I'm douch-ay, because by far the most disliked character on the show is Ted. Right? This entry may be demonstrating more of my likeness.

And WTF is up with my sentences in this entry.


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