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Most of my entries are friends-locked because I'm embarrassed by the extent of my dorky-geeky fangirliness, heh. If dorky-geeky fangirliness that embarrasses appeals to you, then go ahead!

Comment and I'll probably add you as a friend straight away. I'm easily swayed like that.
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My A'levels start tomorrow and they are big and frightening. It's likely that I'll drop by and read entries here and there (Fringe reaction posts!!1!*), but I won't do a lot of commenting, and definitely no entries.

Ugh. At some point last week I just wanted to write all my papers at once so I wouldn't have to wait anymore. And Deathly Hallows** is released somewhere in the middle too and I have movies I want to see and I just - ugh, fast forward, please, everything.

-- rachu***

* People are being disappointed with last week's Fringe because it wasn't as good as the first four episodes, but please, if every episode this season was as good as the first four episodes, I would never want to watch any show again without talking about how terribly they write arcs, how horribly they write character development, how clunkily they write action and intensity, how dreadfully they write consistent progress. Yes, the case was too-obivously connected to Olivia's story, but I enjoyed this episode so much anyway (maybe it's because I haven't watched any other TV show this week?). Therefore! three things I loved about Amber 31422 below the cut -  ) Lalala, love this show.

** I've been listening to the score a lot, and listening to Ron Leaves (Desplat is incredibly unimaginative with the track titles on his scores - I know the progression and the importance of pretty much every scene thanks to the titles and the length and the mood of the piece, for goodness' sake) I got all wibbley because I love all three of them together and that scene will probably (almost definitely) make me sniffle. There were three scenes that got to me in the last book, and I think two of them happen in the first movie. Damn.

Also, anyone else worried that the second movie will end up action-heavy, simply because of the way the book progresses? I think there's enough material there to make it work - I don't think the battle at the end will end up taking up 60% of the second movie, or anything - but it's not very balanced, is it? And HP movies love the big bangs.

*** Shall we talk about how even my goodbye posts are REALLY LONG? I'm sorry, I just have so much to say. This entry is largely irrelevant, though, really. In summary: going away for a little less than three weeks because of scary-major exams, but I don't know how to stop talking about Fringe.


Oct. 21st, 2010 02:17 am
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The things that annoy me about the internet continue to annoy me, but the mostly positive response to Spirit Day is excellent. And Tumblr going purple is brilliant, too.

VINCENT: And when you leave, and everyone always leaves, I will be left once more with an empty heart and no hope.
DOCTOR: My experience is that, you know, there is always, surprisingly, hope.


I'm a little removed from all of this, being in a completely different continent, in a completely different time zone, but pushing things on the internet is something I can do, especially considering the number of my Tumblr followers. And any support is support, so be confident and vocal about what you have to offer.

-- rachu

P.S.: Completely unrelated, but I did a maths exam paper under exam conditions and it's the first time in maybe four years that I've felt like I've nailed the paper, except for the two questions I didn't know how to even start breaking down. It was great.


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