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I’m in university! Or school! Or college! I don’t know what to call it, but I like it! It’s been seven weeks of classes so far, with three weeks before that of briefings and camps and talks and all, and so far it’s been - cool. I don’t have friends I’d hang out with before or after class, but I do have friends, and friends whose company I enjoy a lot, and I don’t feel lonely, so that’s nice. I’ve been taking only introductory or foundation classes, which means two of them are pretty lame and the introductory courses to psychology and political science have been the only ones I’ve been enjoying so far, but that means I am enjoying classes, which is a good thing! I want to do a course on something I’d actually be interested in, but that will have to wait, so I’ll deal. We have a nutty number of projects and apparently it gets worse by the week, let alone by the year, but it getting worse by the week means it’s an uphill curve, so at least it’s something I can gradually deal with or get better at dealing with.

In an attempt to try new things I signed up for both a guitar class and for radio training, the latter of which may possibly lead to an hour of hosting on the campus radio. and that doesn’t have a lot of listeners (try early double-digits) but it’s cool! I’m waiting for something to do for the school newspaper or at least a chance to meet everyone else on it, but there haven’t been any real meetings yet, woe.

Basically everything is manageable and bearable and some things are fun! And it’s tiring but it’s so nice having something to do, properly. I feel calm and collected and good about things and good about myself, which are all great, and if I’d stop being this lazy things will probably only get better or easier, so I should probably work on that.

In the mean time, I have watched and loved a handful of things, and anyone who’s stepped by my tumblr more than once has probably seen the extremely overemotional reactions I’ve been having to everything, and I should make a post about all of those things. Just because. It’s recess week right now, after all, and I need to catch up on everything!

I’ll hang around LJ a little more this week, so watch out~, suddenly someone you’ve forgotten about completely is going to drop a comment out of nowhere on an entry soon, woooo!!!

-- rachu

ETA: So Mindy Kaling was like, "Hey, I heard you're looking for more reasons to love me?" and I said, "no, you are my life hero and one of my favourite human beings and the recent excerpts about romances in movies from your upcoming book gave me enough to hold you off for another bazillion years" and she said, "THAT'S OKAY, HERE IS MY NEW WEBSITE!" now I'm just sad that I'll never be her best friend.
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  1. Damn it, guys. My last entry is kind of both silly and extremely inadequate - basically I screwed up kind of major exams. A part of me acknowledges that I am far more intelligent than these results have proven me to be, but I know I’ve disappointed people and shocked people and these results may possibly define what I choose within the next few months, and that’s what has me this upset. Exams are just exams, though, and I will keep doing things and being things beyond that piece of paper - I just have to find the confidence in my own abilities again to get back on track.

  2. And as long as we’re talking about things that bum me out, going this long without Parks and Recreation is actually hurting my soul a bit, and that’s not even an exaggeration. I need this show’s joy back in my life. I need Leslie. I need Leslie with every other character on this show. I need Leslie/Ben. ugh. Coming home on Friday the week before the last bawling and not having this show to focus my attention on only made my mood worse. I have been intolerable company in the last week or so, I know it.

  3. I’ve had a Parks and Recreation-specific post saved in my Google Docs for a few days now and I hope to post that extremely wordy thing before Harvest Festival (!!!!!) airs, but can I just say, very quickly - all of you must know, surely, that my adoration for Parks = adoration for every single thing on this show, but just thinking about Leslie/Ben right now is making me get excited - they’re sweet and simple, yes, but there’s also so much potential there, and I adore that how fleshed out these characters are (especially Ben, which is a pretty major feat considering he’s been on the show for eight episodes) only contributes to how easily you can envision the ways they will fit together and influence each other and the things they can do or become? It’s sappy, I know, I know, but they’ve owned my heart so effortlessly. And this is before both of them even start interacting like that! - all we’ve had so far are little slip-ups and looks of adorations when the other’s not looking!! AH. And fuck, watching Ben fall in love with Pawnee is going to be glorious. This show. These characters. I can flail very intelligently about this show, but all this paragraph is is mindless.

  4. I have been a publishing intern for three weeks now! So far it’s been kind of awesome - the company’s so tiny that I get to be involved in so many steps of the process: editing, proofreading, layouts, design, getting files ready for e-book conversions. I got to communicate frequently with an author to talk through the final stages of the editing of his book, and I got to write to the National Library Board, and I talked to my boss a lot about how to publicise two of the books we’re releasing in the next couple of weeks. It may sound lame, but it’s exciting, guys!

  5. And the last couple of weeks have been very layout-work heavy because we’re getting ready to send off a batch of e-books for conversion and then release, so what I’ve been doing is converting a bunch of episodes of shows I’ve wanted to watch, dropped it into my iPod, and paid half-attention to both my work and my TV. I’ve watched so much TV in the last two weeks, you guys. So much TV. I finished Greek (all four season) in eleven days and absolutely adored it - it deserves a lengthier post than I have the patience for right now. I hadn’t watched more than the first episode of S2 of The Good Wife until last week, and now I’m all caught up on that, too. And now I’ve started on White Collar!! Exciting.

  6. The Good Wife feelings behind the cut -  )

    Some day I will talk about other things I love about this show, including the way morality is written in it - [livejournal.com profile] uptheapples and I will have plenty to say! morality on this show is another thing that’s intriguing and beautifully-written in this show - and the way Cary Agos should be a one-note, predictable character, but is far from it, but for now, because it’s late and I have been typing furiously for the last half-hour, I will stop here.

My wrists hurt. I’m going to continue reading A Game of Thrones (I’m over halfway through, and Jon Snow is looking like he’s my favourite).

-- rachu
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  1. Exams are overrrr! They ended over a day ago and I can’t even tell you what I’ve done since then, because I have done nothing. I had so much to watch and now I realise I’ve had too much to watch - I can’t choose where to start, and I’m also getting a little anxious thinking about how much I may end up being disappointed. Boo, self! Boo! I’ll probably end up reading instead.

  2. Today I checked out my Google Docs space for the first time in two months and hey, I have unfinished fic I’m semi-proud of! I guess that means I’ll be writing more soon.

  3. I’ve finally watched Deathly Hallows and I loved it, hooray. I’ve never had a problem with the movies the way a lot of people do, even when I recognise that the problems being brought up are legitimate and reasonable, so it wasn’t surprising that I enjoyed HP7, but you know.

    I could talk a lot about it, probably, but I’m sleepy and lazy and remember too little, so here are three things about the parts people seem to be talking less about?:HP7 )

    Finally, if you don’t start choking up when watching this video, you may not be a HP fan, or you may not have a heart.

  4. I may watch Tangled next week. I didn’t find any of the music on the OST that interesting, and the script feels a little bit unimpressive, but Zach Levi is wonderfully expressive and the way some of the shots in the trailer have been shot is just gorgeous. Also: Disney movie! (I am approaching the movie with caution regarding the way Rapunzel is written for/used in the story, but I have seen no complaints for it so far.)

  5. I know a lot of people have their reservations (and with good reason - she does seem to young) about Carey Mulligan being cast for Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, but I'm kind of excited. That photo that's going around of her from her audition alone has her giving just the right amount of completely crazy, and I can't wait to see her show off her range. And anyway, I feel like if anything, people should be worrying about Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway. (No. No.)

  6. I don’t know if I’ve informed all of you of this, but Phil Dunphy is wonderful and one of my favourite characters on TV right now, and if he were younger (and real) I would probably marry him. I know I’ve talked about how much I love what Ty Burrell did with the potentially two-dimensional character, but I really adore everything about him at this point.

  7. HEY GUYS YOU KNOW HOW PARKS AND RECREATION IS BACK IN JANUARY? I AM DANCING IN MY SEAT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT, LALALALALA. I’ve also ordered the DVDs, only I don’t know when I’ll be getting them. I want them so much.
I almost definitely had more to say. I seem to have forgotten.

-- rachu
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I was going to have my first entry back be on Friday, after my last paper, and I wanted it to be about many cool, interesting things, because I miss typing rubbish, but I watched Glee this week (because I have only one paper left, ugh) and just - so many issues, guys. So many issues.

'furt' (ugh, what is that title) )

This was too much work for me. And I had this much to say about an episode that was, all things considered, less offensive and more internally-consistent than the show usually is? I quit. (Hear that, show? I QUIT YOU. STAY AWAY FROM ME.)


In other news, Anne Hathaway was damn near flawless on SNL. I have such a girl!crush on her that I got a little flaily every time she did each new character that separated so neatly from the ones she played in previous sketches. The Bill Hader-reporter sketch was absolutely the best, though - Anne's accent aside, Bill starting to hit the camera made me lose it, and when he pretended to be dead so he could hit the camera again, I choked.

I still haven't seen HP7, and it's hurting my soulllll. I'll probably watch it this weekend. I did watch Easy A last night, though (my first movie in months!), and I enjoyed it a lot - fresh, fun, and with a terrific lead, even where the storyline started to get predictable. Plus, Stanley Tucci! That man can do no wrong.

My exams have mostly been decent, but I don't want to call them anything more than that - especially since the more I think of them, the worse my stomach seems to churn. My paper on Friday is Literature. And then it'll be over!

-- rachu


Oct. 21st, 2010 02:17 am
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The things that annoy me about the internet continue to annoy me, but the mostly positive response to Spirit Day is excellent. And Tumblr going purple is brilliant, too.

VINCENT: And when you leave, and everyone always leaves, I will be left once more with an empty heart and no hope.
DOCTOR: My experience is that, you know, there is always, surprisingly, hope.


I'm a little removed from all of this, being in a completely different continent, in a completely different time zone, but pushing things on the internet is something I can do, especially considering the number of my Tumblr followers. And any support is support, so be confident and vocal about what you have to offer.

-- rachu

P.S.: Completely unrelated, but I did a maths exam paper under exam conditions and it's the first time in maybe four years that I've felt like I've nailed the paper, except for the two questions I didn't know how to even start breaking down. It was great.


Sep. 21st, 2010 12:19 am
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May or may not have screwed up my History paper. WHEN WILL ALL THIS STOP.

I'm not even prone to rage-y fits like this, but ugh. Ugh. Sorry.

P.S.: FRINGE, YOU GUYS. I haven't been this psyched for an episode of a show since...I don't even remember. I'll probably be rewatching the entire show at the end of the year, just because.
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without you when you're gone?

glee - 'funk' )

This entry is so angry, oh my god.

My day:
  • This morning I woke up with my burnt thumb still throbbing.
  • I went online and saw Adam Scott and Natalie Morales talking about being on the set of Parks and Recreation on Twitter, and then I found a video of Adam being really sweet about Amy and Leslie, so that was what cheered me up first.
  • I went to school, found out I have to be singing with a band to perform to a paying audience tomorrow night.
  • Then I went out for lunch with [livejournal.com profile] imprinted_soul and [livejournal.com profile] iloveartyy, meeting them for the first time in ages, which made me happy. Plus we had pancakes with ice-cream and then Swiss rösti and then cheesecake. Hooray!
  • I went back to school and practiced for five hours.
But I am in an OK mood, because of how much I love Parks and how much I adore my friends' company!

I'm going to bed early. I have an entire day of rehearsals tomorrow so that we can be ready to perform at night.

-- rachu
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  1. I don't know, I feel like I mention this a lot, but never in much detail - Shaun of the Dead is one of my five favourite movies of all time, and it's for the same reasons I watch one Spaced episode every couple of weeks or that I would recommend Hot Fuzz to anyone and go to watch it with them - they are intelligent, hilarious, written with genuine heart, and most of all, all of that is achieved naturally. a bit more rambling )

    When I say I want to take up screenwriting or writing for TV, I'm pretty much motivated by this bunch of people. I have promised myself I will write a chick flick that has relatable, down-to-earth characters of both sexes! with obstacles that everyone faces! with well-written friendships! The characters will push the story forward! It will star Simon Pegg, so that the lead can make people laugh and cry at the same time! and! And! I will make it very, very bloody!

    I've realised I still haven't been very good about pinning down my reasons for loving these, and I know it's completely subjective. Still. There you go, I guess.

  2. I tried Black Books last week, cracked up a lot, frequently, but it's missing the female-writer voice that Spaced got from Jessica Hynes, I think? It got better by the end of the first series, though. I'm looking forward to seeing the second one as I try to survive this abominable cold.

  3. I am very, very sick, with a runny nose like I've never had before. I've literally used up three packets of tissues in the last day, and I feel so bad for it (SORRY TREES) but kajsdaksd my throat! my nose! my eyes! my faaaceee. I also have cramps and it's kind of ridiculous how sorry for myself I'm feeling right now.

  4. I wish I'd left my Office and Community watching for when I actually got sick, because when I watched them I was fine and laughed my butt off. The Office (written by Mindy, directed by Steve!) was surprisingly good, I think - not highest quality, of course, but funny and sweet and all that. Andy/Erin was cute! Erin was funny! Jim/Pam was cute!

  5. Community, though...Community is just something else. this show! )

    I just really, really fucking love this show. And the cast. I even cussed for them!

  6. 30 Rock was really only OK this week. I can't wait for Michael Sheen to be back! And I feel like they're building up towards something for the end of the season, and I'm looking forward to that.

  7. I want to mention in passing that Castle is doing a little bit of a "oh, this is a love obstacle in shape of a man for the female lead!" type of thing right now, but instead of pissing me off, I just fell a little more in love with this show. things they did right -  )

    Castle, my friend, you have managed contrivance without being too contrived, therefore neatly side-stepping the great messes that Chuck and Bones and even House turned into at the first sight of a love interest, and for that, I give you my trust. I have read some spoilers I am wincing a little bit about, but you always prove me wrong. Prove me right this time by kicking ass again!

  8. Doctor Who was awesome this week, even with River Song! Eleven is still so, so much fun, and he was better than ever in this episode, all exasperated at River and all "I am gathering my thoughts!"-y with everything else (and his TARDIS noise was very, very good and his rant at the end was very well-done and also, I love him). Amy was good, too, I liked her a lot. And the episode was creepy! There was good story-telling, nice execution, and a great build-up. I'm looking forward to next week, and I know for sure that I won't be disappointed. Thank you, Mr Moffat! This is what I wanted from you!

  9. Hyperbole and a Half is magnificent. A friend told me to read it on Friday, and then I saw it mentioned on [livejournal.com profile] cah215's LJ and then on Tumblr a couple of times, so I think it's recently been spotlighted somewhere? If so, IT'S WITH GOOD REASON. My favourite one so far is The Alot is Better Than You at Everything, which I've subtitled "how to cope with annoying English on the internet". It is so great.

  10. Considering how much time I spend thinking and writing about TV, I'm wondering if I should maybe have a separate blog where I can post only these TV-related things, or something.

  11. Of course, I shouldn't be doing any of this crap at all, because I'm writing my first SAT in six days, I have two research papers due by the end of June, and I have four major subjects that I'd damn well be excelling in by August for my A'levels in November. WHY DO I LIVE LIKE THIS.
Agh my nose.

-- rachu
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Back to school tomorrow. My desires to finish due work on time and to sleep earlier have both gone unfulfilled, but you know. That's me. Maybe I have to practise?

Anyway, important year. It starts tomorrow. And if I'm doing things right, I'll keep up the pace till November! You can do it, self. Come on!

See you later,

-- rachu


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