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Day #13: Favorite childhood show

Even Stevens )

Day #14: Favorite male character

Mal Reynolds, Firefly - I get a little smitten here, sorry )

Runner-up, briefly - Jim Halpert, The Office )

I'll have to hold back on Day #15 because you've seen how stupidly rambley I can get about my favourite characters. It will be even worse for this one. I bet you already know the answer to this one, though. I won't even give you any hints. Knope, I won't.

I have the next five days off for studying, and what I've decided to do is work till around 3 in the morning, wake up at 7, be productive for a while longer, because those are the quietest hours and the most my brain works. In the afternoon I'll sleep, because I get nothing done in the afternoon. Let's see how this goes!

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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"uh...the fuckest uppest."

Ugh, you know what, the winner for Day #8's A Show Everyone Should Watch should almost definitely have been either Leverage or Sherlock. Leverage because I told my dad to watch it, and he did, and he absolutely loves it (we're up to the end of S2 here, and I'm telling him he can watch the S3 premiere on my laptop, but he refuses!) - but it's also because I love these characters and their relationships, and how grand and exciting and smart and fun it almost always is. Sherlock for the same reasons, with more love for its intelligence and the fantastic Britishness of the actors, the words they say, the way they say these words, the places they go to - but also because I've also recommended this to my dad, and he's interested.

And now I feel like if I find a TV show that I deem good enough, consistent and fun and well-written enough, to be recommended to my father, everyone should watch it.

Day #9 is Best Scene Ever, which is dumb because I have no idea how the answer to this is supposed to be approached at all. I'm going to push it back to the end of the meme, when hopefully I have more time and a greater idea of what the answer to this should be.

So Day #10 and #11, instead!:

Day #10: A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Spaced )

Day #11: A show that disappointed you

This could be How I Met Your Mother, but it looks like the writers know how to push it back on-track. It could've been 30 Rock, but I'm not disappointed in it so much as I'm losing interest in it (I can't really remember many things that aren't guest-star-related over the last season). It could've been Glee, but I don't think I had high expectations for it, not really - I got annoyed with it, but never disappointed.

Instead I'll go with a show I believed had potential, before it had been wrecked, in my opinion: Bones )

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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Day #8 - A show everyone should watch

Chuck and Doctor Who )

Speaking of Doctor Who, by the way - remember Matt Smith?! :D I'm sorry, I just listened to the Doctor Who episode on the Meet the Filmmakers podcast this afternoon, and Matt sounds so happy about everyone constantly cheering and applauding at things, and every time they woo! he woo!s right back at them, all excited and everything. At the point of that recording, the series hadn't premiered yet, but even by that time the crowd loved him enough to yell, "Stay!" ♥ Matt, Matt, Matt. I just adore you.

(Have we talked about how wonderful he is with that kid at the Who Proms this year? He is so delightful, you guys!! MONOLOGUING IN CHARACTER! LIVE! WITH A LITTLE KID! YOU ARE PERFECT.) (I am truly, fully considering the idea that Eleven/Matt may be my favourite Doctor, now?)

In other news, studying is hard, and boring.

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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I am sick again! And just generally feeling sorry for myself. I couldn't concentrate on important things this morning, so I rewatched a little bit of Spaced and His Girl Friday. I have also probably killed five thousand trees with my tissue usage today, and I'm sorry, planet!

30 Day TV Meme: Day #7 - Least favorite episode of your favorite t.v show

Dunder Mifflin Infinity )

I’m more annoyed with 30R than I am with The Office right now, though, but that’s a completely different story.


Everything sucks! Hate you, universe.

-- rachu

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30 Day TV Meme: Day #6 - Favorite episode of your favorite t.v show

Casino Night )

Runners-Up: The Dundies, Beach Games, Drug Testing, Christmas Party, The Initiation, The Injury, Booze Cruise. (This is a short list!)

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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Short replies, because I'm exhausted, and I blabber about everything else on this meme anyway, so I'll just cross these off quickly -

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

The Office )

Runners-up - Firefly (actually if I didn't call comedies my favourite genre of television, this may have won) and Parks and Recreation (OUT OF NOWHERE; I'm honestly having massive amounts of crazy!love for it right now; we can talk about it later in the meme).

Day 05 - A show you hate

Two and a Half Men )


I am really so tired - all we do these days are essays, essays, essays; I have papers for both history and Knowledge & Inquiry (on historical epistemology), so doing all these history-based things is almost getting on my last nerve, except not really because I kind of love it? But still.

I was going to go to bed, by the way, but [livejournal.com profile] cereal just posted Leslie/Ben fic, and a) Parks fic!!!1! and b) it's [livejournal.com profile] cereal!!!1! What am I supposed to do? (I'm going to read it, and then I'll hate myself tomorrow, until I remember I can nap during one of the stupider lectures.)

I got back an answer I wrote evaluating a passage, and at the end my smart-ass teacher had written schizophrenic, which is kind of what I feel like a lot these days, so maybe that's not too bad. This entry is a mess. I should probably go sleep.

-- rachu

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but then i was like, 'this is a story'."
"and a good one."

30 Day TV Meme: Day #3 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Community )

Runner-Up: Modern Family, because they do what they do very well, normal as it is.

Funny - I was certain that this year was a great year for TV for a reason, but other than Glee I can't think of any show within this season that I loved. (I'll probably remember it when I can't do anything about adding it to this entry, ugh.)

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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30 Day TV Meme: Day #2 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Fringe )

(If you want to read a prettier, more eloquent/detailed post about why more people should be watching Fringe, try this.)

Runner-Ups: I just want to give Parks and Recreation another shout-out here, because it’s my favourite show right now and I don’t know how that happened but it’s ridiculous that so many people wrote it off so quickly. 

Also Better Off Ted, which is the most intelligent comedy I've seen on TV in years (and they don't even resort to crude jokes as much as most TV does these days), and while I'm upset that it's been cancelled, I'm even more upset that there are people who really, really don't even know what they're missing.


By the way, Sherlock is fantastic, and it's only three episodes of 90 minutes, and the second episode is mostly skippable, while the first two are brilliant, so all in all that's only three hours of your time to be spent in an engaging, thrilling way with awesome actors/characters (Sherlock and Watson are pretty much an old married couple, too) and excellent story-telling. (I'm sorry for using so many adjectives here, BUT REALLY.) Basically: why the hell are you not watching this?!

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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OK, guys, you know how much I love to talk about TV.

I was only keeping from doing this for as long as I've kept from doing this because I wanted to make pretty accompanying graphics, but a) I really don't have time for that, and b) I have all of my responses to this written, so. I think I'll post a couple of related things along with my rambling instead. (Maybe one day I'll post the few graphics I've already done.)

30 Day TV Meme - Day #1: A show that should have never been canceled )

I promise this day has the longest write-up. :P Around two lines into this I realised that this show is maybe one of my favourite shows ever, so I had to go on for this long.

-- rachu

30 day tv meme - full list )


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