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I am a sap, and Christmas episodes make me intolerably mushy, so here, have some flail with regards to Thursday night TV.
  1. community )

  2. the office )

  3. 30 rock )

  4. parks and recreation (quickly) )

  5. fringe )

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. SO MUCH. Can you tell? CAN YOU TELL? Favourite thing on TV.
-- rachu
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  1. Three weeks ago - in the middle of my exams, ugh - my iPod hung, and when I finally got my Macbook to recognise it again it had restored itself, i.e. memory completely wiped. My music is divided between stuff I had on my old computer and what I have now on my Macbook but weeding through that stuff is OK - I'll get everything back - but I'm angry now because I had THE BEST PLAYLISTS, YOU GUYS. There was one I had dedicated to sleepy music, which was mostly soft, and there was dedicated to simple music, which was acoustic-type or clean, easy pop, and there was shower music, for the songs I never skip and always sing along to, and rainy music, etc., and now I have over 7000 songs (and counting; there are albums I'm still remembering I haven't added yet) and that's just too much to go through.

    This is the worst. I know it's a stupid problem, but I organise all of my things very seriously, and that's four years' worth of organisation that I've lost because I added a corrupted track to my iPod. Grrrr.

  2. I'm going through all of my entries and re-tagging them and it's taking a long time. It's also difficult because I do everything in point form and sometimes I mention things in detail, but sometimes I mention them fleetingly either to support something else I'm writing in detail about or just to say dumb things like "ohho I'll catch up on this now!", which basically means I waste a lot of time rereading my entries to figure out whether to tag it for that thing or not to. It's not even important, but I like being organised about this crap, which makes me irritating. (That was not a typo. I am irritating.)

  3. I had to take a break from my Vampire Diaries marathon because I was watching too much at a time, but very quick thoughts behind the cut - and mostly spoiler-free, if you're worried )

  4. This week's Community was wonderful. mom, how many lies have i been living?! )

  5. FRINGE! entrada )

    I'm beginning to realise I'm incredibly biased when it comes to talking about Fringe - I love it too much. So this is how it feels to not want to talk about things that annoy you about shows you love!

  6. The Office this week looked like it was going to be frustrating and annoying, but the Michael-Oscar storyline was inspired, and the Pam-Dwight storyline made me both laugh and sniffle. Thank you, thank you, show, for addressing the things Pam has lost or has done wrong - and I loved that it wasn't the focus of a storyline, but just a motivation of the actual story, and I loved that it was short. Actually I liked a lot about how this episode was edited/put together. Sometimes I feel like this show uses the excuse of a documentary to be a little lazier about this sort of thing, which I guess works and it suits its old style, but the jokes worked better because of where certain shots were cut or certain scenes were shot, I think, which really helped.

  7. I'm going to be making a list of all the movies I want to be getting through (and in order!) and then I'll start on it properly.

This entry is really long, I'm sorry.

-- rachu


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