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Eight years after they part ways, Rachel and Jesse meet on Broadway.
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Spoilers: Spoilers up to (kind of) Hell-O.

Author's Notes:
The only guy we've seen that I could envision in a lasting relationship with Rachel Berry is Jesse St. James. And the only way I could see them happening naturally and without the silly obstacles we have right now is if we set them in the future, a little less crazy. Hence this story!

I wanted to post this before The Power of Madonna aired, so if you're reading this after, please realise that this is with barely existent knowledge of where this show is going to go with every character.

And finally - this story isn't narrative/with a storyline so much as it's basically a string of the little things that take place within this set-up. I feel like that warning is necessary.

He knows they will either be cast together or not at all around halfway through their audition together.


This is the fastest I've written something this long and something so soon after I was inspired by it, so this is a little messy, I think. But I just need this to happen so much.
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[livejournal.com profile] cold_campbells, I haven't talked to you in a hundred years, and still I think you're as awesome as ever. Thank you for being like that, dorky and crazy and smart and hilarious and warm and always fun. Because if you weren't like that, how much I love you wouldn't make sense and I wouldn't be able to justify it to other people. Happy birthday!!

So here's a little bit of lame, crazy fluff. Keep in mind that I've been writing tests all week, so I'm still trying to wring out my essay-writing style from my fic-writing style (and being completely unsuccessful at it). Also, I think all of these people are stupid for taking this long, so I may have written them as stupid just because of that.

Four Ways Four Different Couples Would Probably Get Together if We Wrote For Them
and maybe it's a good thing we don't (yet), but seriously, they're taking too long.

castle, sonny, chuck, and disney!rpf )

-- rachu


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