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  1. In case you missed it: request a gift! If not for you, then definitely for me - I'm getting excited at the thought of doing these.

  2. I'm also offering letters (!), except now I don't know what to write in them! "Hi, I watched this movie today and it was terrible. I don't know if you're interested in that though. I went to the library and got a lot of books. Yesterday I went shopping!" (Note: I will not say that, I'm just showing you how awkward I am.)

  3. I hope you guys have posted your threads at the Holiday Love Meme, because it's ridiculously fun and flattering. I'm beginning to realise I have 'tells', which I don't want to specify because it's embarrassing. I did try very hard to keep away from the parentheses, though. I overuse them.

  4. My thread is wonderful. I LOVE YOU ALL and you make me sappy.

  5. I don't actually care for the Golden Globes because they're mostly rubbish (the fact that shows like United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie are nominated for comedies is outrageous, and combining the supporting actor category makes no sense to me), but throwing in nominations for The Tourist and Burlesque made me think less of everything else on that list, so well done, HFPA. You are the worst. I'm actually declining to talk about you, and considering I can blabber about pretty much anything, that actually means something!

    (Although I want to quickly address one tiny thing, because not enough people will talk about how egregious this is: Piper Perabo over Anna Torv?! Are you kidding me? I know that every academy has something against genre TV, but I do not understand. Did they run out of people to nominate or something?)

  6. The Vampire Diaries is impressive - I'm constantly surprised by the control the writers have over the stories and characters, how plots affect the way other plots unfold, and the way every character is well-rounded, interesting, and has a purpose in the show's narrative. I feel bad for 'shipping any two characters that have a scene together, because I feel like I may be approaching the show the wrong way. Oops?

  7. Movies I need to see - maybe if i tell more people about this i'll stick to it )

    In other news, I tried to watch The Hangover and could not stand it. I am fine with dumb comedy, and everyone loves this movie, so clearly there was something wrong with me or my mood.

  8. Also, I am still extremely excited about Rian Johnson's movie, whenever it will happen. Two years ago I ripped just the audio from a couple of movies because I loved the dialogue and wanted to see how much of the visuals I remembered, and I may do it again the next time I go overseas, except I'm not sure what I'd choose. Brick, with its own lexicon and the precise but rapid delivery of its actors, came to mind, except I'd feel bad to experience the movie without its gorgeous visuals.

  9. I want to watch The King's Speech, except it has no release date here in Singapore, and I promise you I will whine about this as often as I whine about it out loud, to my family and friends. Ha! 127 Hours is out on my birthday next January, though, which is exciting.
-- rachu
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  1. Exams are overrrr! They ended over a day ago and I can’t even tell you what I’ve done since then, because I have done nothing. I had so much to watch and now I realise I’ve had too much to watch - I can’t choose where to start, and I’m also getting a little anxious thinking about how much I may end up being disappointed. Boo, self! Boo! I’ll probably end up reading instead.

  2. Today I checked out my Google Docs space for the first time in two months and hey, I have unfinished fic I’m semi-proud of! I guess that means I’ll be writing more soon.

  3. I’ve finally watched Deathly Hallows and I loved it, hooray. I’ve never had a problem with the movies the way a lot of people do, even when I recognise that the problems being brought up are legitimate and reasonable, so it wasn’t surprising that I enjoyed HP7, but you know.

    I could talk a lot about it, probably, but I’m sleepy and lazy and remember too little, so here are three things about the parts people seem to be talking less about?:HP7 )

    Finally, if you don’t start choking up when watching this video, you may not be a HP fan, or you may not have a heart.

  4. I may watch Tangled next week. I didn’t find any of the music on the OST that interesting, and the script feels a little bit unimpressive, but Zach Levi is wonderfully expressive and the way some of the shots in the trailer have been shot is just gorgeous. Also: Disney movie! (I am approaching the movie with caution regarding the way Rapunzel is written for/used in the story, but I have seen no complaints for it so far.)

  5. I know a lot of people have their reservations (and with good reason - she does seem to young) about Carey Mulligan being cast for Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, but I'm kind of excited. That photo that's going around of her from her audition alone has her giving just the right amount of completely crazy, and I can't wait to see her show off her range. And anyway, I feel like if anything, people should be worrying about Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway. (No. No.)

  6. I don’t know if I’ve informed all of you of this, but Phil Dunphy is wonderful and one of my favourite characters on TV right now, and if he were younger (and real) I would probably marry him. I know I’ve talked about how much I love what Ty Burrell did with the potentially two-dimensional character, but I really adore everything about him at this point.

  7. HEY GUYS YOU KNOW HOW PARKS AND RECREATION IS BACK IN JANUARY? I AM DANCING IN MY SEAT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT, LALALALALA. I’ve also ordered the DVDs, only I don’t know when I’ll be getting them. I want them so much.
I almost definitely had more to say. I seem to have forgotten.

-- rachu
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I was going to have my first entry back be on Friday, after my last paper, and I wanted it to be about many cool, interesting things, because I miss typing rubbish, but I watched Glee this week (because I have only one paper left, ugh) and just - so many issues, guys. So many issues.

'furt' (ugh, what is that title) )

This was too much work for me. And I had this much to say about an episode that was, all things considered, less offensive and more internally-consistent than the show usually is? I quit. (Hear that, show? I QUIT YOU. STAY AWAY FROM ME.)


In other news, Anne Hathaway was damn near flawless on SNL. I have such a girl!crush on her that I got a little flaily every time she did each new character that separated so neatly from the ones she played in previous sketches. The Bill Hader-reporter sketch was absolutely the best, though - Anne's accent aside, Bill starting to hit the camera made me lose it, and when he pretended to be dead so he could hit the camera again, I choked.

I still haven't seen HP7, and it's hurting my soulllll. I'll probably watch it this weekend. I did watch Easy A last night, though (my first movie in months!), and I enjoyed it a lot - fresh, fun, and with a terrific lead, even where the storyline started to get predictable. Plus, Stanley Tucci! That man can do no wrong.

My exams have mostly been decent, but I don't want to call them anything more than that - especially since the more I think of them, the worse my stomach seems to churn. My paper on Friday is Literature. And then it'll be over!

-- rachu
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Toy Story 3 was wonderful. I'll try to break this reaction down, because it would be a mess otherwise (it's still a mess, because I'm a mess, and I ramble a lot): thoughts, feelings, and technicalities. )

If you read all of that, A+. I didn't even get in half the things I was thinking. Maybe I'll leave it for my many rewatches when this comes out on DVD.

I love you, Pixar. (And I want to work with you, please.)

-- rachu
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Just finished watching Shakespeare in Love. All the movies I watch nowadays are ones I get on a whim, instead of being the movies I plan for for a few days and then decide I'm never in the mood for it. I was in the mood for this, so maybe that's why I liked it so much?

more behind the cut )

I watched a Tamil movie today - Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya - and liked it a lot. Simple, smart, sweet, a little different, and also? Absolutely gorgeous! There are two or three really amazing cinematographers in Indian cinema these days, apparently, because I can think of a couple of movies lately that have been beautiful, beautiful. This was definitely one of them.

This movie's also had A.R. Rahman music that's pretty much one of his best albums of all time, I'll say it right now. The best part of it is that it's also got enough Western influences to make it easier to get into. Basically I would like to recommend all of you to it (here). Start with Hosanna, put the rest on repeat, and eventually you'll realise you've fallen in love with it! :P

It's late, and that was meant to be a little shorter. :P TV-things tomorrow!

-- rachu


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