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I am a sap, and Christmas episodes make me intolerably mushy, so here, have some flail with regards to Thursday night TV.
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    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. SO MUCH. Can you tell? CAN YOU TELL? Favourite thing on TV.
-- rachu
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I want to be super detailed or at least partly organised when I talk about Fringe, but I don't know how to do it! I couldn't even rearrange these points after I'd written the whole thing. I'm sorry for this, I guess? It's not my fault, though.

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(I'm writing the rest of this entry four hours after I was done with Fringe.)

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  2. The Office was adorable and really funny and maybe it's because I didn't think about it much, or because I haven't had expectations for it for a while, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I love everyone!

  3. 30 Rock was good, too, and I'm glad that I feel like that about this show. I love Matt Damon. I also loved that Jack booked a "JackFest", and Liz did that thing with the Victorian wallpaper - that's a level of high interference into each other's lives that we haven't seen in ages, and I kind of love when we get to see them influencing each other more, because I love their friendship. Last season, we got so many scenes where they just walked into each other's rooms, talked about everything that had happened to them, made some weird joke, and then walked right out. It got annoying.

    The Pete/his wife joke was gross, though. I disapprove.
I feel like it's relevant to mention that Community briefly mentioned Toy Story 3, and The Office briefly mentioned Inception. Clearly Community is the cooler show.

I am ridiculous.

-- rachu

ETA: The Office - when Toby and Gabe told Michael he needed to go through a HR course, I started hoping with all my heart that it would be with Holly. It's not just me, right? Or am I that pathetic about Michael/Holly?


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