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I was going to have my first entry back be on Friday, after my last paper, and I wanted it to be about many cool, interesting things, because I miss typing rubbish, but I watched Glee this week (because I have only one paper left, ugh) and just - so many issues, guys. So many issues.

'furt' (ugh, what is that title) )

This was too much work for me. And I had this much to say about an episode that was, all things considered, less offensive and more internally-consistent than the show usually is? I quit. (Hear that, show? I QUIT YOU. STAY AWAY FROM ME.)


In other news, Anne Hathaway was damn near flawless on SNL. I have such a girl!crush on her that I got a little flaily every time she did each new character that separated so neatly from the ones she played in previous sketches. The Bill Hader-reporter sketch was absolutely the best, though - Anne's accent aside, Bill starting to hit the camera made me lose it, and when he pretended to be dead so he could hit the camera again, I choked.

I still haven't seen HP7, and it's hurting my soulllll. I'll probably watch it this weekend. I did watch Easy A last night, though (my first movie in months!), and I enjoyed it a lot - fresh, fun, and with a terrific lead, even where the storyline started to get predictable. Plus, Stanley Tucci! That man can do no wrong.

My exams have mostly been decent, but I don't want to call them anything more than that - especially since the more I think of them, the worse my stomach seems to churn. My paper on Friday is Literature. And then it'll be over!

-- rachu
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This post can also be captioned "AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY!!!!"

more under the cut )

In summary and in conclusion: AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY!! (You guys don't realise how much this post would've degenerated to angry capslock if Amy P didn't get this.) I also wish Glee could become a person so I could punch it in the face.

-- rachu

P.S.: Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report together was wonderful. Their Even Stevphen made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt a little. Since Steve will have a lot of free time once he leaves The Office, I would like to propose that Even Stevphen is made a regular event, ending with a ten-second appearance from Jon Stewart. I feel like this would be a very good idea.
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without you when you're gone?

glee - 'funk' )

This entry is so angry, oh my god.

My day:
  • This morning I woke up with my burnt thumb still throbbing.
  • I went online and saw Adam Scott and Natalie Morales talking about being on the set of Parks and Recreation on Twitter, and then I found a video of Adam being really sweet about Amy and Leslie, so that was what cheered me up first.
  • I went to school, found out I have to be singing with a band to perform to a paying audience tomorrow night.
  • Then I went out for lunch with [livejournal.com profile] imprinted_soul and [livejournal.com profile] iloveartyy, meeting them for the first time in ages, which made me happy. Plus we had pancakes with ice-cream and then Swiss rösti and then cheesecake. Hooray!
  • I went back to school and practiced for five hours.
But I am in an OK mood, because of how much I love Parks and how much I adore my friends' company!

I'm going to bed early. I have an entire day of rehearsals tomorrow so that we can be ready to perform at night.

-- rachu
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glee - theatricality )

My favourite thing about Parenthood is the Sarah-Amber relationship. I love them so much.

-- rachu
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Oh my god, [livejournal.com profile] falulatonks is going to talk about how bad a Glee episode is again. Right? WRONG.

dream on )

I really liked Doctor Who this week, but I just really want to say for the billionth time how much watching Matt Smith has being my central delight of every episode. It's not even Eleven, it's Matt Smith, acting and reacting to things and people around him, being crazy and just-enough-alien and ancient. It thrills me to watch what he does and chooses to do on a weekly basis, because I love experiencing every scene with him. He's just fantastic.

One day I'll update about "real life", whatever that is. But I'm sick! The doctor told me my throat looks terrible, all inflamed and torn or something. I've been banned from junk food for a few weeks. :/

-- rachu
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And now TV - I wanted to do all of these in more detail, but I ended up not being able to be in the mood (if that makes any sense), so - Glee in detail, and for all the rest, one thing I wanted to point out and talk about a little.
  1. Glee - laryngitis )

  2. I think Community is the best thing on TV right now. I never am able to get into detail about this show, I really don't know how to. Last week, though, I ended Modern Warfare and wanted to scream/cry/rant because of how perfect it is - it's so inventive and interesting and crazy, but hilarious, sweet, and always heeding character. In twenty episodes that are nearly always set in a mildly surreal kind of universe, they've created sweet and realistic characters, given all of them good screen-time, allowed all of them great character development, and given them believable relationships with each other. Other shows should be paying attention.

  3. the office, parks and recreation, 30 rock )

  4. Doctor Who was fun and entertaining like Who should be. a little bit more on 'vampires of venice' )

  5. Chuck, you are a billion times more delightful when you keep away from the dumb angst.

  6. Non-TV things -
  7. I have some very clear ideas about what I want to do, study-wise, but the difficulty is in finding the best way to get to that thing. It's kind of exhausting. Education in general is being very tiresome. This is the main reason I'm writing so much more these days.

  8. The original Spring Awakening cast sang Touch Me live a few years back, and I only just found it online. Only a couple of songs from this musical has managed to get to me (I've forgotten most of the rest), and Touch Me is the kind of song where I like the main tune but don't like the arrangement, performance, or dialogue interruptions in the official recording. This live performance is perfect. No dialogue, just brilliant harmonising of around 15 people on-stage together, singing something that's kind of gorgeous and it makes me a little teary. I've listened to it more times than I'm comfortable with telling you all!

  9. The Adjustment Bureau trailer, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I wasn't interested before, but now I'm psyched. Science-fiction romance with great consequences!!! It has Anthony Mackie in it, too, who you may remember better as the man criminally robbed of a Supporting Actor nomination for how brilliant he was in The Hurt Locker.

  10. BUT INCEPTION OH MY GOD. Damn it, Nolans. How is it that even knowing next to nothing about this movie I want to watch it right now?! It can't just be the stellar cast.

  11. There was an article in Newsweek last week about gay actors. Kristin Chenoweth responded to it, Ryan Murphy responded to it, and now Aaron Sorkin's responded to it. I have nothing to say about it, other than the fact that it's all interesting, but Sorkin's was so well-expressed that I feel like watching The West Wing right now.

  12. There a couple of photos of John Krasinski being carefree and adorable online over here. The ones of him and Emily are my favourites, because this one (rather than the one of them kissing, though this one helped) makes them look really relaxed and happy with each other, and that made me 'ship them more than anything ever. :P
This is a really long post. I'm sorry.

-- rachu
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Bad Reputation was over-the-top and crazy and ridiculous and a total mess, but I liked it way more than last week. I may even love it, I don't know. Maybe because of the music? (Probably because I forwarded all the scenes that looked like they would annoy me.) weekly waste of time list )

I suck.

-- rachu

P.S.: I think it's important to tell you all that I've found a replacement noun for Like a Virgin - "like a bird, yeah" doesn't make any sense, but "Like a Persian"? Now that's ridiculous, but it still makes sense! :P I've been singing it to no consequence. This excites me.

P.P.S.: If you guys want good Rachel/Jesse fic, this one by [livejournal.com profile] summerstorm both makes the situation hilarious and evolves their relationship believably. Also, the Jesse voice is perfect. He acknowledges that Rachel Berry is really hard to like and finds himself liking her anyway, and I love it.
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OK, Glee. this is going to be long -  )

So basically, I love-hate this show, and Like a Prayer is amazing.

That is all.

-- rachu
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Eight years after they part ways, Rachel and Jesse meet on Broadway.
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Spoilers: Spoilers up to (kind of) Hell-O.

Author's Notes:
The only guy we've seen that I could envision in a lasting relationship with Rachel Berry is Jesse St. James. And the only way I could see them happening naturally and without the silly obstacles we have right now is if we set them in the future, a little less crazy. Hence this story!

I wanted to post this before The Power of Madonna aired, so if you're reading this after, please realise that this is with barely existent knowledge of where this show is going to go with every character.

And finally - this story isn't narrative/with a storyline so much as it's basically a string of the little things that take place within this set-up. I feel like that warning is necessary.

He knows they will either be cast together or not at all around halfway through their audition together.


This is the fastest I've written something this long and something so soon after I was inspired by it, so this is a little messy, I think. But I just need this to happen so much.
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You can hear the full Glee version of my favourite Madonna song here. I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED! And everyone gets to sing a couple of lines. (Lea's at the beginning is prettiest, though.) And it sounds really pretty. And heartfelt. And epic. Yay! (It dies out about a minute from the end the way Glee songs tend to do when they get too long, but the first part? Fantastic!)

Yeah, this is all I have to say.

-- rachu


Dec. 6th, 2009 11:46 pm
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I just watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with my sister and absolutely loved it. It was absurd and crazy and hilarious and sweet and adorable and definitely the most fun I've had in a while.

I'm still smiling a little stupidly about it. SO MUCH FUN, YOU GUYS. A couple of friends of mine who watched it called it really weird and didn't like it much, but that's WHY it's so brilliant. I don't even know why they're my friends! :P

And Zombieland is apparently out in Singapore now, so I'm hoping to catch that soon. But An Education first. Lalala!

Watch Cloudy!

-- rachu

ETA: The Australian promo for next week's Glee here. Kind of intense. I'm pretty much a goner for Finn/Cory crying, so this is going to be baaaaaad for me.


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