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I’m in university! Or school! Or college! I don’t know what to call it, but I like it! It’s been seven weeks of classes so far, with three weeks before that of briefings and camps and talks and all, and so far it’s been - cool. I don’t have friends I’d hang out with before or after class, but I do have friends, and friends whose company I enjoy a lot, and I don’t feel lonely, so that’s nice. I’ve been taking only introductory or foundation classes, which means two of them are pretty lame and the introductory courses to psychology and political science have been the only ones I’ve been enjoying so far, but that means I am enjoying classes, which is a good thing! I want to do a course on something I’d actually be interested in, but that will have to wait, so I’ll deal. We have a nutty number of projects and apparently it gets worse by the week, let alone by the year, but it getting worse by the week means it’s an uphill curve, so at least it’s something I can gradually deal with or get better at dealing with.

In an attempt to try new things I signed up for both a guitar class and for radio training, the latter of which may possibly lead to an hour of hosting on the campus radio. and that doesn’t have a lot of listeners (try early double-digits) but it’s cool! I’m waiting for something to do for the school newspaper or at least a chance to meet everyone else on it, but there haven’t been any real meetings yet, woe.

Basically everything is manageable and bearable and some things are fun! And it’s tiring but it’s so nice having something to do, properly. I feel calm and collected and good about things and good about myself, which are all great, and if I’d stop being this lazy things will probably only get better or easier, so I should probably work on that.

In the mean time, I have watched and loved a handful of things, and anyone who’s stepped by my tumblr more than once has probably seen the extremely overemotional reactions I’ve been having to everything, and I should make a post about all of those things. Just because. It’s recess week right now, after all, and I need to catch up on everything!

I’ll hang around LJ a little more this week, so watch out~, suddenly someone you’ve forgotten about completely is going to drop a comment out of nowhere on an entry soon, woooo!!!

-- rachu

ETA: So Mindy Kaling was like, "Hey, I heard you're looking for more reasons to love me?" and I said, "no, you are my life hero and one of my favourite human beings and the recent excerpts about romances in movies from your upcoming book gave me enough to hold you off for another bazillion years" and she said, "THAT'S OKAY, HERE IS MY NEW WEBSITE!" now I'm just sad that I'll never be her best friend.
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I write like
Vladimir Nabokov

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I also got H.P. Lovecraft and Chuck Palahniuk. I haven't read either.

This is neat, though!

-- rachu
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My thread at the Holiday Love meme!

And start your own - I've resolved to write something about everyone on my flist this year. :)

-- rachu


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