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Day #8 - A show everyone should watch

Chuck and Doctor Who )

Speaking of Doctor Who, by the way - remember Matt Smith?! :D I'm sorry, I just listened to the Doctor Who episode on the Meet the Filmmakers podcast this afternoon, and Matt sounds so happy about everyone constantly cheering and applauding at things, and every time they woo! he woo!s right back at them, all excited and everything. At the point of that recording, the series hadn't premiered yet, but even by that time the crowd loved him enough to yell, "Stay!" ♥ Matt, Matt, Matt. I just adore you.

(Have we talked about how wonderful he is with that kid at the Who Proms this year? He is so delightful, you guys!! MONOLOGUING IN CHARACTER! LIVE! WITH A LITTLE KID! YOU ARE PERFECT.) (I am truly, fully considering the idea that Eleven/Matt may be my favourite Doctor, now?)

In other news, studying is hard, and boring.

-- rachu

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Oh my god, [livejournal.com profile] falulatonks is going to talk about how bad a Glee episode is again. Right? WRONG.

dream on )

I really liked Doctor Who this week, but I just really want to say for the billionth time how much watching Matt Smith has being my central delight of every episode. It's not even Eleven, it's Matt Smith, acting and reacting to things and people around him, being crazy and just-enough-alien and ancient. It thrills me to watch what he does and chooses to do on a weekly basis, because I love experiencing every scene with him. He's just fantastic.

One day I'll update about "real life", whatever that is. But I'm sick! The doctor told me my throat looks terrible, all inflamed and torn or something. I've been banned from junk food for a few weeks. :/

-- rachu


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