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I was going to write a good post about trying to be a More Participative Writer but this looks a good a place to start as any!!

Also I went to Paris and Rome and Florence for ten days in May and it was wonderful!! Do you know that for years I used to say that all I wanted was to go to cities with roads like that? cobblestone, rough around the sides, messily-coloured, etc.; anything that wasn't Singapore's plain and grey and flat concrete, and the memory of being in a place to be able to take this photo is still what's stuck to me the most, over a month from that. I have stories, though - like how the first train I took from the Orly airport at Paris into the city had a man with an accordion get on on the first stop and a woman who sang! and the places we lingered around in because we could because it was just the two of us and no adults (my first time!)! and how I sat in front of a painting in the Louvre and read a book on my phone for 40 minutes! and how I walked around so much I had to move down two notches on my belt to keep my jeans on right and croissant and pizza and gelato and gnocchi museums and the ruins in Rome and head-splitting heat and getting a cold and drinking tea in a 104-year-old café every morning in Rome because it was five minutes away from our hostel!!! I should write that down!!! Yes!

In other news, totally found myself unexpectedly in love with New Girl (I started on episode 15 as it aired and went forward and backward at the same time over the next couple of weeks - super fucking delightful, you guys! great cast and great chemistry and good writing!) and definitely cracked up way more than I thought I would watching Veep (is the general critical consensus really 'funny but soulless'? - ok?) and loved the shows I've always loved, because we got joy and the triumph of love and friendship on Parks and Cougar Town, and because we got make-outs on Castle. !

Also I don't know what you guys are doing about The Newsroom (wow I should catch up with all of you!!!) but this interview/article is MY FAVOURITE THING IN THE WORLD. IN THE WORLD. LISTEN HERE, INTERNET GIRL!!! :D :D

Talk to me! I'm going to go to your entries and talk to you!


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