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Day #13: Favorite childhood show

Even Stevens )

Day #14: Favorite male character

Mal Reynolds, Firefly - I get a little smitten here, sorry )

Runner-up, briefly - Jim Halpert, The Office )

I'll have to hold back on Day #15 because you've seen how stupidly rambley I can get about my favourite characters. It will be even worse for this one. I bet you already know the answer to this one, though. I won't even give you any hints. Knope, I won't.

I have the next five days off for studying, and what I've decided to do is work till around 3 in the morning, wake up at 7, be productive for a while longer, because those are the quietest hours and the most my brain works. In the afternoon I'll sleep, because I get nothing done in the afternoon. Let's see how this goes!

-- rachu

30 day meme - full list )
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OK, guys, you know how much I love to talk about TV.

I was only keeping from doing this for as long as I've kept from doing this because I wanted to make pretty accompanying graphics, but a) I really don't have time for that, and b) I have all of my responses to this written, so. I think I'll post a couple of related things along with my rambling instead. (Maybe one day I'll post the few graphics I've already done.)

30 Day TV Meme - Day #1: A show that should have never been canceled )

I promise this day has the longest write-up. :P Around two lines into this I realised that this show is maybe one of my favourite shows ever, so I had to go on for this long.

-- rachu

30 day tv meme - full list )


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