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This post can also be captioned "AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY!!!!"

  1. I'll be honest - I was very, very nervous about the Emmy noms, and about 80% of that was Parks-related. (I don't even understand myself.)

  2. My reaction to Amy Poehler: AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY!!! AMY AMY AMY AMY!!! I WILL KEEP DOING THIS, YOU UNDERSTAND?! I don't even want to think about who will win in this category, but for now I'm just ecstatic she got love. Leslie Knope is one of my favourite fictional people of all time at this point, okay.

  3. Modern Family getting two ladies and three men into the supporting categories? I APPROVE. I like them all - Julie Bowen a little bit less, maybe, but still.

  4. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't think it's fucking ridiculous that neither Nick Offerman nor Danny Pudi got nominations.

  5. I would also like to put forward that I would give up the The Office and 30 Rock best comedy nominations for Community and Parks and Recreation, both of which made me laugh more in single episodes than the first two did over stretches of episodes.

  6. Modern Family is my favourite thing in that best comedy list, and it's not even in my top three comedies on TV, which means the voters are getting things very, very wrong. I don't get US TV, so that means I watch TV shows that I seek out and download, and somehow I've found the less-known but brilliant comedies? Not right.

  7. 30 Rock apparently got 15 nominations, actually, and I feel like 80% of those are undeserved. I love the first two seasons very much, but this season was just...flat. They didn't even use Matt Damon properly!

  8. I can understand why Glee got the best comedy nomination, but you're all probably not surprised that I'm kind of annoyed it got it. People are clearly laughing at it and being entertained by it more regularly than I am, though, so at least it makes sense.

  9. Yay for Chris Colfer (but not for Kurt!), yay for Jane Lynch (and when she wins I'll imagine 70% of that is for Party Down, too), yay for Lea Michele. Definite yay for Burt Hummel/Mike O'Malley, though he's being underused because his character is given the exact same storylines to carry out every time he comes on. Not so much for Matt Morrison, because Will is given so much less to do than any of the other nominated characters.

    19 nominations for this show...okay. (If you can tell, I'm trying very hard to keep from rambling about this.)

  10. I keep having my attention drawn to Breaking Bad and Mad Men because of Tumblr, so I really approve of the nominations in the drama categories. Breaking Bad is high priority on my to-watch list. I can't wait.

  11. I will continue watching Friday Night Lights one day, eventually, but even I can't not feel really happy that Mr and Mrs Coach were both given nominations.

  12. Decent number of ladies in the writing/directing nominations, especially in drama, which I'm pleased about.

  13. Kind of bummed Fringe didn't get anything, though.

  14. Parks and Recreation got appreciation for its theme song, which makes me happy. I put that thing on my cellphone so I can hear it every time someone calls me, because I love it that much, every time.

  15. Psych got a nomination for Outstanding Music Composition for A Series (Original Dramatic Score), which is awesome, because for shows like Psych, any nomination is still a nomination. They're acknowledging they exist!!

  16. The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien got four nominations!!! Jay Leno got absolutely nothing.

In summary and in conclusion: AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY AMY!! (You guys don't realise how much this post would've degenerated to angry capslock if Amy P didn't get this.) I also wish Glee could become a person so I could punch it in the face.

-- rachu

P.S.: Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report together was wonderful. Their Even Stevphen made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt a little. Since Steve will have a lot of free time once he leaves The Office, I would like to propose that Even Stevphen is made a regular event, ending with a ten-second appearance from Jon Stewart. I feel like this would be a very good idea.
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