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Eagleton feelings, which got weirdly feeling-full -

  1. I'm a little amused that this is mostly the way reaction for Eagleton can be divided: people who didn't like this episode much have adored the season so far, and people who have mostly been indifferent about the season so far really enjoyed this episode. (Someone else has really hated all the post-Harvest Festival episodes and for some reason that really bums me out, aww; mostly because I personally haven't felt this good about thirty consecutive episodes of one TV show.) A lot of these reactions seem to tie into how people feel about Leslie/Ben, too, I think?

    As someone who really thinks they've held back more on Leslie/Ben than they could have (I mean, Leslie is still out being a goddess and Ben is still getting settled into this town) and really loves that, and as someone who also has simultaneous Leslie/everyone-ever friendship feelings, and whose love for this show is rooted in 'Leslie is my hero and everything I want to be and the greatest of best friends and greatest of ladies' feelings, I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. Oh my god, Leslie Knope, you fabulous human being.

  3. because okay, really: in Lindsay Carlisle Shay's introduction scene, there was a cut-away shot to April holding up scissors and looking kind of murderous, and there was some tag going around on Tumblr talking about how April was awesome because she acts indifferent but would cut people up for being mean to her friends, or something, and I really don't think that's what that cut-away showed at all, because Lindsay Carlisle Shay is just an incredibly annoying person so of course April wanted to kill her, who wouldn't? - but weirdly enough, I do think what this episode came down to was what Leslie does to inspire that kind of loyalty in people?

    Leslie throws people-specific birthday parties. She gives up jobs that will take her away from her hometown. She'll get guilted out of dumping garbage into enemy territory, but she will throw a punch if you insult her favourite diner/waffles. She'll get together a wiffle ball team and field in a day, but if you ask her about it she'll only tell you she works with some really great people.

    So Ron will smile when Leslie tells him his next party will be "a rager", because he's figured out that's not going to be true. Ann will threaten anyone who comes in Leslie's way or gives her a hard time with extreme violence. Ben will continue to glower at anyone who tries to put Leslie or her work down. April will keep voluntarily helping out with spur-of-the-moment children's concerts and children's ball games. (I like to think that Lindsay Carlisle Shay was given one of the lousier holding cells in Pawnee.) And everyone she works with will be ready to put their jobs on the line because she believes, fiercely and with everything she has, that she can always do something. They've never been given reason to act otherwise.

    Oh Rachna, you fucking sap.

  4. Eagleton was over-the-top, but it made me cackle. The jail scenes did it, I think - how about some herbal tea? Here's a towel in a colour that looks amazing on you. Here are scones (we only have maple and walnut, though, sorry). And take a prison gift-bag before you go. A prison gift-bag.

  5. Lindsay Carlisle Shay (whose name I will only type in full) was pretty excellent as a stupid jerk. I'm convinced I feel this way because Leslie called her a stupid fartface in a snooty English accent, because those are my favourite things - snooty-people mockery and insults with "face" tacked onto the ends of them. (My favourite insults are "your face" and "stupidhead", you should ask anyone I know. especially my sister: "You're dumb." "Your face is dumb." "At least I have a face." "I'd rather have no face than yours." The height of intelligent debate.)

  6. Loved the groundwork Leslie laid out for the steady increase of Ron's anxiety, especially Andy very subtle clue giveaway, and April needling him with orders for inflatable saxophones and fedoras, because clearly she's teasing him about Duke Silver (which we know she knows about, hooray!). And how perfect was his present? I teared up, you guys, and it's that final scene's fault.

    The give-and-take in that relationship is usually only seen in the background, where one of them pushes the other just a little bit to get things that are central to the plot done, but then occasionally we get things like this, storylines that focus on the tangible ways they affect each other and help each other and make each other better, and ugh, just. this friendship is fucking flawless. It's shifted a lot over the last couple of years, and it went from the way he used to kind-of give her things to do because he was lazy and knew she'd do them all, to him giving her things to do because he trusts in her ability to do them, to him giving her things to do because he trusts in ability to care for them, and now we have him trusting her ability to care for him. And that's significant, because this man's best friendship was someone he never talked to, and he's had two awful ex-wives, and he gets joy in the solitary things. I've been thinking about this and even the way he actually teases her in Woman of the Year gives me feelings, because I can't imagine him giving into the urge to do something as simple and friendly as that, you know? The joy this friendship gives me is just unparalleled, basically; it's my favourite one on the show, hands-down.

  7. Other little things:

    • Andy trying to figure out what Ron was to him cracked me up.

    • I really loved Tom's little "hire me!" speech - ending with Andy trying to give him a high-five, which April tried to stop immediately, which killed me.

    • I also loved Ben looking offended on both Leslie and Pawnee's behalf, and the way he said "Leslie" without even looking at her face before she got into the fight at park, because he knew she'd be angry. And I adored the way he is automatically her right-hand man, if necessary - teamwork!

    • Tom and Ben's friendship continues to be fucking delightful, because they keep bonding over the weirdest things, and oh man, their friendship is so unlikely, but they work together so well. Their faces when they smelled the vanilla!! OH, BOYS. (And how about how Tom and Ann and Leslie and Ben will be able to double-date as BFFs and as endgame-'ships eventually? I'm just saying.)

    • Leslie Knope is ridiculously expressive. Amy and her facial expressions have been on fire for the last three weeks.

    • Andy/April and the little married couple things they're doing make me so happy. I loved that April took an active part in the wiffle ball game we saw, and the way she was actually teasing Andy over who he's rooting for. too cute. I knew there was a reason why established relationships are my favourite kind of relationship.

    • This is dumb, but the way we saw Leslie and Ben at the front of the car together also made me stupidly happy, because it's so couple-y, and it's so married couple-y. And the fact that we saw it from the back made me giddier, because that's how I've been looking at my parents and my uncles and aunts for years - from the back of the car, at the front of the car, arguing or discussing things or giving each other a hard time. WOW, THERE ARE TOO MANY FEELINGS IN THIS ENTRY.

What do you mean, "do you watch anything else?"

-- rachu

Date: 2011-05-08 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shornt.livejournal.com

Oh god how do we love Pawnee so much, howwwww

Date: 2011-05-08 05:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zombie_boogie.livejournal.com
I'LL BE BACK TO FLAIL AT YOU SOME MORE (because right now I'm re-watching season 2 with James and I think I've finally convinced him that it is the best thing ever) BUT JUST KNOW THAT I HATE YOU FOR BEING MORE ARTICULATE THAN ME ABOUT THESE THINGS. YOU STUPID FART FACE.

Date: 2011-05-09 03:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zombie_boogie.livejournal.com
Ho ho, I said I'd be back!

1. I don't really fall into either of those categories. I've been enjoying this season immensely, especially the post-"Harvest Festival" episodes (it hurts my soul to know that there are people out there that have hated those episodes), but I still liked "Eagleton" quite a bit. I thought the A plot was quite funny if not as finely crafted as some of the previous storylines have been, and the B plot was hilarious and heartwarming in spades. I will bunk with you in the I Love Everything, Especially Leslie Knope cabin.

I like the point you brought up about how Leslie/Ben has been executed, because I love that they're still getting individual character development at the same time as the developments in their romance. We're still seeing Leslie grow in confidence and watching her dynamics with her friends and colleagues mature, and we're still seeing Ben become fond of Pawnee and become integrated with the town. It's fabulous.

2. LESLIE KNOPE, LADY HERO. And if she wasn't flawless enough, the fact that she credits her success to the people she works with makes it even better.

4. I've seen some criticism about Eagleton being an unsubtle Bizzaro Pawnee, but honestly I think aspects of it were grounded in real life (I've known plenty of people who have lived in towns with that kind of dynamic with a rival) and Pawnee itself has its share of wackiness so it worked for me within the context of the show.

6. Ugh this paragraph is flawless I hate you. All I could come up with after that scene was LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THE FEELINGS BARF BARF DELIGHTFUL BARF. I do love how wonderfully nuanced their friendship is. I rewatched "Woman of the Year" this week and the teasing parallels are awesome.

Love all of your details points. Have you seen the deleted scene with Tom and Ben? More friendship times!

Date: 2011-05-08 06:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sonni89.livejournal.com
After you pointed out all the things that were awesome about the episode, I think I'm liking it more. It's not that I hated the episode or anything, but I do feel like it was one of the weaker episodes of an otherwise BRILLIANT season 3. Since season 3 was basically everything I've ever wanted from TV and more, that still means that when they aren't at the best of the best, they're still better than most of the TV that's currently out there. Hee.

In any case, I just love all the friendships on this show SO MUCH and I love Leslie Knope more than words will ever be able to express.

Date: 2011-05-08 07:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darling-ashes.livejournal.com
This episode made me asdfghjkl. I love it way too much. I loved everything that you said and I love that this is a show that can show the main female lead being confronted by being one upped and mocked both professionally and personally but in the end she completely kicks butt without being malicious, proves the haters wrong with her compentence and ingenuity and then extends an olive branch.

You don't have to be a rude to deal with haters. You can deal just as well (if not better) with grace and humour. Hurray for strong ladies in all their forms.

Date: 2011-05-08 11:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] imprinted-soul.livejournal.com

for once i don't particularly want to sit in front of a laptop...but HIIIIIII

london is awesome. museums are majorly gorgeous and the weather is magical.

:D <3<3<3

Date: 2011-05-09 12:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] joirerson.livejournal.com
I LOVE THIS RECAP, AND I LOVE THIS SHOW. *throws glitter everywhere, frolics in it*

Date: 2011-05-12 06:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mollivanders.livejournal.com
I have too many feelings, they're all building up for the double header tonight and I just want to say a couple things.


This show make me inarticulate.

Date: 2011-05-12 08:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hyacinthian.livejournal.com
RACHNA. So I just watched this today and have been on a pseudo tumblr hiatus, so.

people who didn't like this episode much have adored the season so far, and people who have mostly been indifferent about the season so far really enjoyed this episode.

...I fit in neither of those categories? I didn't know those categories existed! I loved it a lot, actually! I mean, I'm not the biggest Leslie/Ben shipper in the world, but I love the way they've been pacing things. It's been kind of going at a slow real-life-y kind of pace where neither of them are necessarily oblivious, and they've sort of had an awkward conversation about it, but for right now, it isn't on the agenda. Which I like. I like the pace.

re: #3: I love you. I love those thoughts.

I actually loved Eagleton a lot because it was over the top and maybe I was just projecting but that's a lot like how my hometown is, in a way. You have our side of town and then fifteen minutes away, it's all green acres and sprawling houses and huge lawns and the disdain that people there have for people from my hometown is ridiculous. So Eagleton felt really true to me in that way, and I love when this show - this happy fluffy show - subtly introduces politics and that's what this episode felt like to me. It was just a subtle jab at classism and the way that zoning affects people and maybe that was just me projecting a whole lot, but as over-the-top as it was, the sentiment of it actually was really genuine and true and I just loved seeing that glimpse of small town (and class) politics play itself out.

Parker Posey is fantastic.

I've been thinking about this and even the way he actually teases her in Woman of the Year gives me feelings, because I can't imagine him giving into the urge to do something as simple and friendly as that, you know? The joy this friendship gives me is just unparalleled, basically; it's my favourite one on the show, hands-down.

Yes. I love Woman of the Year a lot.

I really loved Tom's little "hire me!" speech - ending with Andy trying to give him a high-five, which April tried to stop immediately, which killed me.

I loved that. Aziz actually managed to sound indignant and say all those vaguely suck-up-py things which just made it even more hysterical.

I loved Leslie and Ann a lot too this ep.


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