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  1. I shall keep using the occasional TV-related ramble as my distraction from studying - I've spent hours on history today and it's getting annoying.

  2. I didn't watch How I Met Your Mother this week, though I heard it was good, and I haven't watched Chuck since the second episode, though I've heard the last two episodes were good, but I did watch Castle, and I want to talk about that because damn, was that fantastic TV or what?

    i'll just break it down -  )

    I don't know if you guys can tell, but I'm just a little smitten with this episode. I always talk about how much I love this show but I'm never able to break it down to specifics, so I'm glad I did this this time. Can more people watch Castle (this week's episode specifically) and see how well crime procedurals can be written/acted? I don't need brilliant, groundbreaking genius - Castle is familiar, but it's good, and it's smart, and I love it for that.

  3. I know everyone knows this already, but Mark Sheppard's continual appearances on sci-fi/action-adventure series being immortalised by his involvement in Doctor Who is just delightful. Bring it on, sir.

  4. Oh, I watched The Death of the Doctor (Sarah Jane Adventures) while eating lunch today because I love Eleven and I want to see Matt Smith being Eleven forever and ever and I missed him, and it was cute. I think SJA looks like it's more decently-written than most of RTD's work on Who, does that even make sense? I liked the vibes I got from the show, in the little that I've watched of it. I still think the title is ridiculous and terrible and overblown, but I do like RTD's penchant for melodrama and nostalgia in smaller doses (it appeals to the sappier side of me), and I think all the actors managed to tamp it down before it got out of hand, which David Tennant didn't always manage. (I think I've figured out the flaw of Ten's final episodes - RTD and DT were too simultaneously in awe of each other.)

  5. I'm already getting pissy about James Cameron confirming two Avatar sequels, and they don't even look like they'll be released for years. ARE YOU FOR REAL, BOY?! Someone on Twitter or Tumblr once named Cameron the Ryan Murphy of cinema (or the other way around?) and I kind of get it. And it makes me want to punch him in the face.
There were other things I wanted to say but I've mostly completely forgotten. I miss Parks and Recreation.

-- rachu
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Day #13: Favorite childhood show

Even Stevens )

Day #14: Favorite male character

Mal Reynolds, Firefly - I get a little smitten here, sorry )

Runner-up, briefly - Jim Halpert, The Office )

I'll have to hold back on Day #15 because you've seen how stupidly rambley I can get about my favourite characters. It will be even worse for this one. I bet you already know the answer to this one, though. I won't even give you any hints. Knope, I won't.

I have the next five days off for studying, and what I've decided to do is work till around 3 in the morning, wake up at 7, be productive for a while longer, because those are the quietest hours and the most my brain works. In the afternoon I'll sleep, because I get nothing done in the afternoon. Let's see how this goes!

-- rachu

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