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  1. I don't know why I'm still surprised by this, but just thinking about this episode has me kind of shocked by how fantastic it was. It was probably the sweetest episode of the show so far, but it was hilarious and well-paced and a great ensemble piece, and never saccharine.

  2. Let me tell you the most infuriating thing about Parks and Recreation: it has no right to make these things work. The Andy/April wedding should not have worked. It could've been cloying and unreasonable and a little dumb, because the reason these kids are even doing this is that they're young and naive and don't know anything about how they could last long-term.

    - except they nailed it. It was charming and light and sweet but still very final. And in an odd way it really, really works - I adore the idea of having these two thinking that hey, there has literally been nothing or no one in their lives that they've loved more, and the fact that they celebrated that innocent joy of it instead of ignoring it altogether is perfect and refreshing and so very Parks and Rec, and I adore that the writers just went for it.

  3. And now it's a permanent 'ship! I love the way this show builds towards fixed points - I've talked about the progress in this show before, but maybe what it comes down to is that the writers clearly have mini-goals and things they intend to cover within the short-term, and they work at it and get there, and then mark it off their list of to-dos and add it to the show's canon. And it's non-negotiable. It's my favourite thing about Leslie/Ben, actually - because they found someone perfect for Leslie, and right off the bat they signed him on as a series regular. It's so certain. They don't worry, neither should you.

  4. Is it just me or does this show tend to portray the most indifferent people the most negatively? It was Oren this week. I think it's fitting.

  5. Leslie Knope is fucking wonderful. And this show is better than a lot of other shows about using its an entire ensemble (see: Ben Wyatt, who is being used fantastically; I know a lot of you miss Mark, but the writers never really knew what to do with him, I think, which is why he's Quitz), but Amy Poehler is magnificent - she's sharp and hilarious and her delivery/timing is impeccable, but she's also so absolutely the heart of this show. And that's a big thing to say, considering how huge the heart of this show really is.

    Watching her first balk at the idea of the wedding (and with good reason, obviously - hairdressers need to be chosen carefully) and then seeing the way she softened during the ceremony was kind of beautiful. And her conversation with Ron! And her conversation with April! They told her first! APRIL LOVES HER. I love how earned that statement is - it makes sense that she'd say it, and it makes sense that she'd say it when she did. I cannot deal with the joy I get from this show in general, but when it's Leslie-appreciation-specific, it gets me a bit weepy.

    (Speaking of Leslie-appreciation: I haven't been able to rewatch Harvest Festival all that much because how much everyone screwed things up for her kind of made me angry with everyone in Pawnee except Ron and Leslie herself. how dare they do that to her. What hasn't she done to earn your respect and hard work for the one festival that her career's been building up to! what is wrong with all of you. Christmas Scandal made me rage for similar reasons because her career was being jeopardized by that damn councilman, but at least everyone in the department was behind her. jeez.)

  6. More Leslie feelings - loved her reactions first to Ben suggesting he may be staying, and also the way she finally told him he should. The whole heart-eyes thing Ben's got going has mostly been one-sided up till now, but after the way she aired out her concerns tentatively in Camping (although Ron was the one who helped her with it in the end, obviously, because that friendship is flawless and the show understands) and the slightest joy at the beginning of this episode (before she schooled it into something a little sterner and more acceptable) and the firm way she said he should stay at the end - she's getting there. It's adorable. It wouldn't have made sense for her to say it otherwise, because she really has been so primarily concerned with getting the harvest festival right, but they got it to work. This 'ship is going to be delightful.

  7. I really, really love Ann Perkins. My problem with Ann Perkins, however, is that sometimes I feel like I'm colouring her character in where the writers have only barely grazed the outlines of it. I think she tries very hard to be good but is kind of awkward and tends to feel superior, and I find that interesting and sweet and tonally pretty perfect/consistent in this show, but the writers like showing those characteristics by putting her in relationships with men. I get it, because she needs a reason to be in this show, and having her date guys in the government is the most useful for this. but it's also a little frustrating because I want to her be beyond that - not just the Girl in the Relationship - which is why what I've figured out her arc is going to be this season (knocking her down a little bit, showing her she doesn't need to be perfect and needs to calm down) is both intriguing and a little bit worrying, because the best way to do this is have her date more guys. I know we're going to see this, and fandom is going to be a bitch about it (already anticipating "slut", sigh.) - so I really, really hope we cover it the way Fancy Party did, because it was perfect: sharpening her up, slapping a little bit of sense into her. Donna was used well, and I'm glad we saw more of her after Harvest Festival in the context of this storyline.

    I want to see more of you, Ann! I want to see you pull yourself away from men a little more, or if you want, choose better guys - someone good for you. I want to see you angry like you were in Flu Season, because I like seeing you lose your cool, and I like it when the show proves my theories about you right! more Ann time, Ann! Come on, show. This arc could be perfect.

  8. Other random things:
    • Ron Swanson is crazy-fantastic. He made me cackle at his rage over the existence of the vegetable loaf, but also made me feel a little verklempt during his conversation with Leslie about Andy and April. Magnificent character.

    • Andy/April high-fived when she reached him after walking down the aisle. they high-fived. Also: their vows were perfect. Also: I am kind of looking forward to "I'm going to divorce you!" mini-tiffs. (If this doesn't work out I may have to kill someone.)

    • Jean-Ralphio is my favourite recurring character because he's an idiot but also because Tom is fantastic when he's reacting off of him. Also: the Vince Vaughn movie he suggests quoting from is Fred Claus.

    • Ben and Tom being bros gives me a lot of joy. They're oddly perfect together. I loved them in Indianapolis immediately, but both of them chilling around in Tom's "tent" in Camping was fucking delightful, and the quickly-shut-down ribbing over Lord of the Rings this week was brilliant. I don't know how they work, but they absolutely do - and it's nice seeing Tom showing a little heart since Wendy's gone. I like seeing him have friends.

Still cannot believe how terrific that episode was. I don't know how they do it. I just don't understand it.

I haven't watched anything else from the Thursday comedies yet, but since everything will be compared to Parks and Recreation, it's probably better for them.

Other things I watched that I should really talk about:
  • Shameless (US) - which is lively and brilliant. I don't know how this show captured my heart so quickly, but within minutes of the Gallaghers settling into that practised morning routine, I was hooked. (I think I've loved stories like this since I read the Boxcar Children series.) I love their bravado and how much they throw themselves into both surviving and letting their siblings survive. and Steve should go away. also, this cast is really brilliant. I love them all.

  • Luther - this show isn't just intense, it's fucking insane. I don't have other words.

  • The Good Wife and Castle are my favourite dramas on TV right now. I love Parks and Recreation and miss Cougar Town terribly. I haven't watched Modern Family lately, but I'm a little cranky with it.

  • I started Rome and it's magnificent - beautiful and crazy and bloody and classy and genius. I will talk about it more the further I get into it, because I just finished the fifth episode.

My internship is going brilliantly, and my boss agrees - to the extent that he's left me in-charge of the local office while he goes off overseas for a working holiday. in-charge. Everyone's incredulous that he'd left a nineteen-year-old in charge of everything, but all I'm doing on top of clearing my regular task lists is checking the mail and sending off packages of book orders and checking everyday that the office isn't broken into. heh.

I don't know why I left you guys, I'm sorry. I promise I'll stay; LJ is still the best.

-- rachu

P.S.: Eight days to new Doctor Who. Eight days to Matt Smith and his glorious face!
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